Not to be confused with Teletoon+ or Télétoon.


1996-1999 1999-2004 2004-2011 2011-present
1996-1999 1999-2004 2004-2011 2011-present

Télétoon+ (formerly Télétoon, stylized téléTOON+) is a French television channel operated by Canal+, focusing its programming on animation (and live-action in evening). It was launched on 17 December 1996. The channel is not related to Télétoon, a Canadian channel owned by Corus Entertainment which airs French-language animated programming.



Teletoon logo 1997.png
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Teletoon has been edited by TPS Jeunesse in 1996. It was part of the basic offer of the French satellite service : TPS (Télévison Par Satellite). There is no link between the French and the Canadian Télétoon.


Teletoon logo 2000.svg

Teletoon has been rebranded by TPS Animation Studios and Sparx Animation Studios in October 1999.

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Télétoon was relaunched in December 2004. The new look was created by Dream On.

Following the merge of the 2 major French stallite services Canal Satellite and TPS in 2006, TPS desapeared and Télétoon integrated the basic offer of Canal Satellite. Since then, the channel is edited by Canal+ Group.

Later on in 2011, Canal+ decided to rename the channel into Télétoon+ and Télétoon+1



Télétoon+ 1.svg
Designer:  NTSC (Never The Same Color)
Typography:  Futura (unofficial)
Launched:  Unknown

Following its name change May 17, 2011, the channel adopts a new look lively and assertive colors created by the Spanish Soul Vector.