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T-Mobile Nederland is the third-largest mobile network operator in the Netherlands, behind KPN and Vodafone. It has acquired two competitors in its history: Orange in 2007 and Tele2 in 2019.



See: Ben (telecommunications)

Orange Nederland


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Orange Nederland merged with T-Mobile Nederland in 2007. The merged entity retained the T-Mobile brand.[1] This was unlike the merger between Orange and T-Mobile in the United Kingdom, where both Orange and T-Mobile were discontinued in favour of a new brand (EE).



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In 2002, Deutsche Telekom acquired Ben from Belgacom and Tele Danmark and launched operations with the T-Mobile brand, with the Ben brand being discontinued (it was revived in 2008).


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Telekom Logo 2013.svg

The T-Mobile logo was dropped in favour of the •T•• logo used by Telekom-branded and certain T-Mobile-branded companies.

In November 2018, T-Mobile Netherlands merged with the Dutch subsidiary of Swedish telecom company Tele2.[2] The merger was completed in January 2019, with Deutsche Telekom owning 75% of the merged company and Tele2 the other 25%.


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