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WTCG 1976 Superstation WTBS 17 Atlanta SuperStation WTBS Atlanta SuperStation WTBS SuperStation TBS TBS SuperStation TBS 1991
1976–1979 1979–1981 1981–1985 1985–1987 1987–1989 1989–1991 1991–1994
TBS 1995 TBS Superstation logo 1999 TBS Superstations 2003 TBS old TBS logo 2005 TBS 2015
1994–1996 1996–2003 2003–2004 February–June 2004 June 2004–2015 2015–present

WTCG Channel 17


WTCG 1976

SuperStation WTBS


Superstation WTBS 17 Atlanta
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SuperStation WTBS Atlanta


SuperStation WTBS

SuperStation TBS


SuperStation TBS

TBS SuperStation (first era)


TBS SuperStation

TBS (first era)


TBS 1991


TBS 1995

TBS Superstation (second era)


TBS Superstation logo 1999

In 1996, TBS once again began referring to itself as TBS Superstation; however, most network promos aired on the channel during this period verbally referred to the network as simply "the Superstation", and network bugs during programs simply displayed the logo as "Superstation".


TBS Superstations 2003

TBS (second era)

February–June 2004

TBS old

In February 2004, TBS Superstation once again rebranded as simply TBS; as such, this logo was modified to only include the "TBS" wordmark from the previous logo in Myriad Bold Italic type; this logo was used only for a short time before its next logo debuted.

June 2004–2015

TBS logo 2005

On June 4, 2004, TBS debuted its new logo and look. This new look emphasized TBS's new focus on comedy, following TBS's parent company WarnerMedia's sale of its half of Comedy Central to Viacom


TBS 2015

On September 16, 2015, TBS's official Facebook page unveiled a new logo on their profile pic, and on their cover photo while promoting their upcoming original series, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. The logo was first used on the air on October 31, 2015, though it had appeared on TBS's website before then.

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  • WPCH-TV – an independent station in Atlanta that operated TBS as a national superstation feed of the Atlanta-area station until 2007.