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Not to be confused with TBS, an American subscription television channel.

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1955–1960 1960–1961 1961–1991 1991–1994
1955–1960 1960–1961 1961–1991 1991–1994
1994–2000 2000–2003 2003–2020 2020–present
1994–2000 2000–2003 2003–2020 2020–present

JORX-DTV (branded as TBS Television, or TBSテレビ i.e. TBS for short) is a flagship of Japan News Network, owned-and-operated by Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. part of the Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. It was founded and lancuhed on April 1, 1955 in Minato, Tokyo. It's the second Japanese broadcasting license, after Nippon Television.

Radio Tokyo TV / KRT


It began as "ラジオ東京テレビ", alternatively known as "KRテレビ", named after JOKR-AM/FM as the call letters "JOKR-TV" which broadcasted as a analog channel 6 for 56 years.

Tokyo Broadcasting System


TBS (Channel 6, 1960).svg

When "KRT" changed the name to 東京放送 i.e. Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), and the headquarters and radio studio were moved to the main building in Akasaka. Its logo consisted as an initial letters and the name "Tokyo Broadcasting" on November 29, 1960.


Tokyo Broadcasting System (1961).svg

In August 1961, the logo left with the initial letters as a cursive font, nine months after the renaming from KRT.


TBS Japan 1991.svg

On September 30, 1991, the logo changed as inspiration of a Memphis design from the 1980s with two spheres connecting on the left "B". This logo was popularly nicknamed "Micro Cosmos"; however, due to its complicated design, an alternative variant was also used, especially in credits.




On October 3, 1994, The present headquarters, TBS Broadcasting Center, were completed next to the old headquarters (later renamed as Akasaka Media Building until its demolition in 2003). They are called "Big Hat". Nine months after, the 1994 logo was unveiled as wordmark a Times New Roman bold expanded font, The wordmark was maintained as a corporate logo until 2020.


TBS TV 6 (2000).svg

In February 2000, TBS adopts a mascot which is based on the Kanji symbol for "person" placed on a red background. On March 1, 2001 TBS establishes a consolidated subsidiary "TBS Live Co., Ltd." (currently TBS TV Co., Ltd.) which produces information programs, separating the company and dividing the business. On October 1, 2001, the TV call letters also changed from JOKR-TV to JORX-TV, named after the "Radio", plus the official name changed from Tokyo Broadcasting System to TBS Television to do not confused with the holding company.

TBS Television


TBS TV 6 (2003).svg

At 11 am on December 1, 2003, the digital terrestrial television broadcast begins as a replacement of the analog transmissions that lasted until July 24, 2011. On the very day of the Digital TV transmission, the red background logo took off, leaving the "person" that changed to red.


Tokyo Broadcasting System logo 2020.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  TBS Sans TP

On April 1, 2020, TBS unveils a new logo after 26 years of the Times New Roman font. The 66.6 degree line that connects from T's foot to S' stems is a new area centered on B, and the intention to extend to the future, and 23.4 degrees is the earth's axis.[1]


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