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1955–1960 1960–1961 1961–1991 1991–1994
1955–1960 1960–1961 1961–1991 1991–1994
1994–2000 2000–2003 2003–2020 2020–present
1994–2000 2000–2003 2003–2020 2020–present

JORX-DTV, officially known as TBS Television (TBSテレビ) is a Japanese television station that is the flagship station of Japan News Network, owned and operated by Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. It was founded and launched on 1 April 1955 in Minato, Tokyo, and is the second Japanese broadcasting license, after Nippon Television.

Radio Tokyo TV / KRT


TBS began on 1 April 1955 as Radio Tokyo TV (ラジオ東京テレビ), alternatively known as KRT (KRテレビ, named after JOKR-AM/FM).

Tokyo Broadcasting System


TBS (Channel 6, 1960).svg

On 29 November 1960, the station changed its name to Tokyo Broadcasting System (株式会社東京放送) and introduced a new logo consisting of its initials and the name "Tokyo Broadcasting".


Tokyo Broadcasting System (1961).svg

In August 1961, another new logo was introduced, this time consisting of only the station's initials.


TBS Japan 1991.svg

On 30 September 1991, the station introduced a new logo nicknamed "Micro Cosmos"; however, due to its complicated design, an alternative variant was also used, especially in credits.




In January 1994, the station introduced a new logo set in Times New Roman. Despite being discontinued as the main logo in 2000, this was still maintained as a corporate logo until 2020.


TBS TV 6 (2000).svg

In February 2000, TBS adopted a mascot based on the Kanji symbol for "person" placed on a red background.

On 1 October 2001, the station's callsign was changed to JORX-TV to match the radio station, and its official name was changed to TBS Television (TBSテレビ).

TBS Television


TBS TV 6 (2003).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  December 1, 2003

On 1 December 2003, the "person" logo was modified with the removal of the red background, coinciding with the launch of the station's digital terrestrial television feed.


Tokyo Broadcasting System logo 2020.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  TBS Sans TP
Launched:  April 1, 2020

On 1 April 2020, TBS unveiled an entirely new logo for the first time in 26 years. The 66.6 degree line connects from the foot of the letter "T" to the stems of the letter "S" , representing the intention to extend to the future.[1]


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