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TDC A/S, or the TDC Group in English, is the largest telecommunications company in Denmark. It provides landline, mobile, television and internet services, primarily through its TDC and YouSee brands (since mid-2016, YouSee has become the predominant consumer-facing brand). TDC’s domestic competitors include Telenor and Telia, and also Three in mobile communications.

TDC was founded as Tele Danmark in 1990 and adopted its current name in 2000, which is an acronym of Tele Danmark Communications.

Tele Danmark


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Several regional telephone companies in Denmark merged in 1990 to form Tele Danmark in 1990.

January–December 2000

Tele Danmark Logo

Tele Danmark introduced a new logo in January 2000 consisting of five coloured ovals that resemble a flower or a person. This logo was short-lived as the company got a new name and logo in December.




TDC Tele Danmark

On 14 December 2000, Tele Danmark was renamed to TDC, an acronym of Tele Danmark Communications. In its initial years the TDC logo appeared along with a Tele Danmark wordmark.



In 2006, the wordmark was dropped, leaving the blue rhombus logo with the TDC wordmark.

Starting from 1 July 2016, the TDC Group uses the YouSee brand for all of its consumer-facing operations, after it merged TDC’s consumer business with YouSee. However, it maintains several other brands.

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