TF1 Jeunesse (or simply known as TF!) was the french kids block of TF1. It replaced the successful Club Dorothée block on September 1, 1997. For TF!'s home media branch, check out TF! Video. To see more logo variants, go to TF!/Other.




This logo was designed by Pittard Sullivan. However, the Blue and Red logo wasn't officialy used, as it was only used in the opening and the TF! Version of TF1 Publicite. However, it went viral on the internet.


TF 2001

In 2001 TF! got a new 3D logo and a new look. On January 1, 2007 TF! Jeunesse was replaced with TFOU. However, the red and yellow colors were used on the TFOU Logo until August of 2007.

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