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2003–2004 (prelaunch) 2004–2005 (prelaunch) 2005–2008 2008–2012 2012–2018 2017 (prelaunch) 2018–present

TFX is a French TV channel owned by Groupe TF1, the largest commercial TV broadcaster in France. It targets a young millennial demographic and shows largely American series and movies dubbed into French, along with some local productions. It is broadcast on channel 11 on most television platforms in France.

TFX was launched in 2005 as NT1 and adopted its current name on 30 January 2018, along with the renaming of sister channel HD1 to TF1 Séries Films.


2003–2004 (prelaunch)

NT1 2003.svg

2004–2005 (prelaunch)

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A new look, created by Aart Design, was launched in 2008.


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A new logo was created by French agency Naked. The logo was revealed on its Facebook page on 29 August 2012, before the rebrand on 3 September 2012.


2017–2018 (prelaunch)

TFX 2017.svg

Groupe TF1 announced in October 2017 that it would rebrand NT1 to TFX in early 2018.


TFX 2018.svg
Designer:  Superestudio
Typography:  Hurme Geometric Sans №1(on-air graphics)
Launched:  30 January 2018

New logos for TFX and TF1 Séries Films were unveiled on 15 January 2018, clearly derived from the TF1 logo. NT1 and sister channel HD1 rebranded on 30 January 2018 to TFX and TF1 Séries Films, respectively. This came a day after the rebrand of public TV broadcaster France Télévisions.

TFX’s edgy and youth-oriented graphics package was designed by Superestudio of Argentina, which had also designed the graphics of sister channel TMC in 2016. They are centred on the slash in the letter X. The Hurme Geometric Sans №1 font is used in on-screen typography. In August 2021, Superestudio also designed the graphics of TVN7, a TV channel in Poland with a similar youth-oriented positioning as TFX.