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The Learning Channel


TLC logo.svg

TLC would be renamed Discovery Home & Leisure in 1997.

Discovery Home & Leisure


Discovery home and leisure 1997.PNG

In April 1997, TLC UK was renamed and became Discovery Home & Leisure.


Discovery Home & Leisure 2001.png
Logopedia Info.svg

In 2001, Discovery Home & Leisure got a new look, designed by English & Pockett. The logo remained mostly the same, but was updated somewhat.


Discovery Home & Leisure red.png

Discovery Real Time


Discovery Real Time 2005.svg

In 2005, Discovery Networks made a major overhaul of their international lifetyle channels, were Discovery Health became Discovery Home & Health, Discovery Travel & Adventure became Discovery Travel & Living and Discovery Home & Leisure became Discovery Real Time.

Discovery Real Time was launched in France and Italy in October the same year.


Discovery Real Time 2008.svg

This logo was adopted in the UK in September 2007. The new look was created by Spin.

By now, the Real Time channels in Asia and Latin America had become Discovery Turbo. The Italian and French Real Time channel would get their own look in 2009.



In 2011, the logo was replaced with an adaptation of the one used by the French and Italian versions of the channel. The channel would close down in 2013 after being replaced by TLC.



TLC (UK and Ireland).png

The TLC brand was revived in 2013, replacing Discovery Real Time. Promoting as a new channel launch, TLC's second era has completely different demographic to the original.


TLCK Channel Logo.png

In 2015, the UK TLC logo was updated. However, TLC continued using the 2006 logo scheme.

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