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2003–2006 2006–2007 2007–2010 2010–2019 2019–2021 2021–2024 2024–present

TNT Sports is a privately owned pack of sports pay TV channels of Chile. It launched in 2003 as CDF (acronym of Canal del Fútbol), initially controlled by the Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional, being the holders of the broadcasting rights of the leagues Primera A and Primera B. Since December 2018, it is owned and operated by Warner Bros. Discovery (formerly WarnerMedia), adopting its current name on January 17, 2021.



CDF 2003


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CDF 2007


CDF 10
Designer:  Smog
Typography:  Helvetica Condensed
Launched:  Unknown

In 2010 CDF unveils a new logo, replacing the soccer ball image with a red period. This logo was designed by Chilean agency Smog.

“Upon reflecting on the meaning of CDF as a brand, we articulated our work around this idea: when it comes to soccer, CDF has the last word. Moreover, CDF is the last word”


CDF 19
Designer:  InJaus
Typography:  Helvetica Condensed
Launched:  Unknown

After the acquisition by Turner Broadcasting System Latin America, the CDF logo got a new color palette of gray and green with new graphics, adapted from sister channel TNT Sports, made by Turner's in-house team InJaus.

TNT Sports[]


TNT Sports
Designer:  InJaus
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

In January 2021 WarnerMedia confirmed the change from CDF to TNT Sports, which happened on January 17, the date of the Superclásico match between Colo-Colo v Universidad de Chile.

Instead of using the logo introduced in 2017 (source of the colors adopted by CDF in 2019), the channel unveiled a new logo and new colors, which erases the vertical lines of the icon, now resembling a heart rate graph, representing the passion for sports. This new logo was also introduced for the original Argentine channel the same day.


TNT Sports (2023)
Designer:  Kill 2 Birds (TNT logo)
Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv
Typography:  Helvetica Neue Bold (TNT logo, modified)
Gotham Bold (logo, modified, "Sports")
Launched:  June 1, 2024

This logo (originally launched for the UK) was first spotted at the end of May 2024 on the web guides of DirecTV and Movistar till its official launch on June 1st.

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