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2011 (pre-launch) 2012–2015 2015–present
2011 (pre-launch) 2012–2015 2015–present

TTV (pronounced tetefał) is a commercial TV channel in Poland, owned by TVN Discovery Polska. It was launched on 2 January 2012 and is positioned as the tertiary entertainment channel of the broadcaster, after the flagship channel TVN and the secondary channel TVN7.


2011 (pre-launch)

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On 2011, Stavka along with TVN had plans to launch UTV on 2012. However, before launch, UTV changed name to TTV to avoid confusion with the Northern Ireland channel.



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TTV 2015.svg

A new logo and graphics package for TTV was introduced on 28 February 2015. It was created by the German design agency Luxlotusliner, which had already created the graphics for sister channels TVN in 2013 and TVN7 in 2014, as well as the newly-launched iTVN Extra earlier in February 2015. The on-air look makes use of the popular Proxima Nova font.


TTV - Easter Ident 2018

Example of the on-air presentation.

TTV’s logo is at the top left corner of the screen, compared to the top right used by most other Polish TV channels. This is also the case for TVN Fabuła.

Polish news releases:

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