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TV+ is a free-to-air television channel based in Vitacura, Santiago de Chile. Founded in Valparaíso, Chile. in 1957 as UCV Televisión, it's the first and oldest TV channel in Chile.

UCV Televisión



The first logo of UCV Televisión, consisted in a classic architecture with pillars on the left and right. Inside the rectangle appeared the letters "UCV-TV" with thin and straight strokes. Above the acronym was written the word "CANAL VIII" (representing the frequency that used at that time) and under the letters appeared "VALPARAISO".



UCV Televisión (1959).svg

For the purpose of the experimental programming, a logo was used in which the acronym "UCV" appeared in long letters (similar to the typography Impact). Underneath the letter "U" appeared the letters "TV" in lowercase, linked to each other by the lower sector of the letter "T". To the right of this one appeared "Canal 8" in handwritten letter.


UCV Televisión (1964).svg

Then in 1964 the words "TV" and "Channel 8" were changed by the word "Televisión" in handwriting.


UCV Televisión (1968).svg

Later in 1966 it was a television camera and next to it said "CANAL TV 8" and below "UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA DE VALPARAÍSO, CHILE", surrounded by a semi-square white curvature.


UCV Televisión (1969).svg

After the change of frequency in 22 February 1969, the logo of UCV Televisión is simplified to be a black rectangle with the number "4" inside and under the letters UCV in Helvetica typography.


UCV Televisión (1977).svg


UCV Televisión (1978).svg

For the first Teletón, the logo used in the presentations was the RED UCV TELEVISION, used since 1977, which consisted of a television screen contour with 3 black squares inside, which had the numbers 4, 5 And 8 (indicating the channel frequencies in Valparaíso, Santiago and La Serena, respectively). Underneath the squares appeared in bold RED UCV, and below this, the word TELEVISION in Helvetica typefaces.



UCV Televisión (1978 Color).svg

In some publicity elements, between 1978 and 1979 a color logo was also used, corresponding to 3 blue, green and red oblique squares with the letters UCV inside and adding the word "Televisión" below (between 1978 and 1979)...


UCV Televisión (1979).svg

...or in some cases the word "TeleRed" above (between 1979 and 1980).



UCV Televisión 1980.svg

On 1980, the UCV Televisión logo was simply the letters UCV in coarse strokes with horizontal lines (designed similarly like the ATC logo from 1979), within a television screen contour. Despite having many variations, officially it was multicolored (green, blue, pink, orange and yellow, with a red dot).


UCV Televisión 1986.svg

By 1986, the UCV letters became completely solid and blue, and usually featured the word TELEVISION.


1991-November 1994

UCV Televisión 1991.svg

In the early 90's, the channel underwent several changes to the logo. The first of them was with the letters UCV in cursive and in a typeface similar to the Eras Bold and orange and celestial tones; And below the letters, a dark blue rectangle with the word TELEVISION in white in Helvetica Back font, inside the C there is a circle.

November 1994-1995


In November of 1994, the circle inside the C was suppressed.

1995-November 1996

UCV Televisión 1995.svg

Then there would come a new logo: an oval of 2 colors (the top half in orange and the bottom half in blue) and inside this the acronym UCV. Below the oval, the word Television in Mistral typeface, blue.




Used from November 1996 to October 1998. The letters UCV, in rounded and thick strokes, are of celestial color, behind there are nine lines, between the last two is the word TELEVISION in Helvetica Italic typography, in the letter "C" there is a globe and the letter "V" is stylized in check form.



In October 1998, it undergoes aesthetic changes: The letters UCV, in rounded and thick strokes, become a little narrower and of a medium blue color; The globe that is in the letter "C" is replaced by a simple circle; And of the nine lines, the last two, which are above and below the word TELEVISION, become blue, while the other seven are eliminated.


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Helvetica Black
Launched:  Unknown

In 2003 its logo was changed by a square divided in four sections of different blue tones (blue, blue, navy blue, and a bluish black), and on it the letters UCV in Helvetica Black and white typography. On some occasions the word Television appeared in the lower right




By October of 2006, the logo was changed again to give way to a black circle, with the letters "U" in the letter Century Gothic; A small white circle with two quarters of a white circle, one above and another under it, forming a "C"; And the letter "V" in AvantGarde typeface inside. Together they form the traditional acronym UCV.



In 2008 the design of the logo is preserved, but now the circumference is yellow mustard and the letters black.



Designer:  DEO
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  January 1, 2013

On January 1, 2013 a new logo is presented, consisting of a rectangular head triangle and mustard yellow with the acronym UCV of black color and in typographies similar to that of TV Peru inside. This logo, as well as the whole visual identity, was made by Chilean agency DEO[1].



Later in 2013, a new version of the logo is made, with the triangle and slightly modified letters.



On February 2018 the letters TV were added to the logo.



TV Más (2018).svg
Designer:  Flopicco
Typography:  Custom wordmark
Value Sans (on-air)
Launched:  November 21, 2018

In 2018, after being acquired in 2017 by the Media23 group, it was officially announced that UCV would be rebranded as TV+. This new name was launched in November 21, 2018[2][3]. The new logo (featuring the name TV+ in blue and light blue colors) and on-air graphics were designed by the Italian agency Flopicco[4].