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Launched on 4 October 1997, TV2 (TV Kettő in Hungarian) is the flagship channel of TV2 Csoport and one of the two most-watched television channels in Hungary, the other being RTL Klub, which was launched only three days later.

The channel and its sister channels at the time (SuperTV2, FEM3 and PRO4) was owned by the German media group ProSiebenSat.1 Media until 2014, when they were sold; their biggest rival, RTL Hungary, is owned by another German company, Bertelsmann.



Tv2 logo 97

TV2 Hungary was launched on 4 October 1997 (the same day that the BBC rebranded all of its services and introduced its three-blocks logo, which is used to the present day).



In 1999, TV2 Hungary got a new logo that is slightly different with a rounded right edge.


Tv2 2003

On 29 August 2002, TV2 introduced a new logo which consisted of a 2 in the middle of two ‘brackets’ to coincide with its new television season.


TV2 Hungary launched a new look on 1 September 2003.

"The identity is based on the core thought, 'heightened emotions', supported by a graphic property that visually conveys the idea of 'waves of emotion'."—Lambie-Nairn press release [1]


TV2's current logo, a white numeral ‘2’ touching the edges of a red square, was launched in June 2008, the same month that competitor RTL Klub launched a new graphics package that lasted it until 2017.




TV2 2008

A new graphics package was launched in 2012 with a spinning red-and-white cube against a grey background. The shade of red is slightly darker than in the 2008 logo.

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