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TV5 or simply known as 5 is a Philippine free-to-air television and radio network based in Mandaluyong City, with its alternate studios, the analog and digital transmitter is located at Novaliches, Quezon City. It is the flagship property of TV5 Network, Inc. with Cignal TV as its main content provider, both owned by MediaQuest Holdings, the multimedia arm of Philippine-based telecommunications company PLDT.

The network was formerly known as ABC (Associated Broadcasting Corporation from 1960 until its closure in 1972, and Associated Broadcasting Company from its revival in 1992 until 2008), and as The 5 Network from 2018 until 2020. TV5 is also informally referred to as The Kapatid Network (kapatid being a Filipino term for sibling); this name was introduced in 2010.



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On June 19, 1960, ABC was founded and launched by then-The Manila Times owner Chino Roces. Its original corporate name was Associated Broadcasting Corporation.


ABC channel 5 logo.png
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On September 23, 1972, ABC was shut down because of the declaration of martial law by former president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos.



ABC 5 1992 Logo.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold Italic

When ABC returned to the airwaves on February 21, 1992, the network used a more known ABC logo with a cyclone icon, incorporating the colors red, blue and green colors which makes up a pixel shown on the television and a numerical 5 logo. It also changed its corporate name to Associated Broadcasting Company, also known as ABC Development Corporation.


ABC 5 Logo 1995.svG
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold Italic

In January 1995, the numerical 5 logo was dropped on the logo, but retaining the ABC text and the cyclone icon. ABC also launched its new slogan, "In The Big League".

ABC 5 Logo 1996.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold Italic

On March 31, 1996, ABC launched its new slogan "Reaching Out To You". The boxed rounded edges square frame was added on the logo.


ABC 5 Logo (2000).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold Italic

On January 1, 2000, ABC launched its new logo at the turn of the millennium with the cyclone icon being placed on top of the letter "A".


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold Italic

In 2001, ABC returned to its old slogan "Come Home to ABC". The logo added the "Come Home to" text on the logo and the boxed rounded edges square frame was dropped on the cyclone icon. The same logo was used in April 2004 with its new slogan "Iba Tayo!".


ABC 5 Logo 2004.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold Italic

The last logo as ABC in September 2004 has been enclosed with a yellow circle.

TV5 (first era)


TV5 Logo (2008).png

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On August 9, 2008, ABC was rebranded as TV5. Its name and the logo changed after ABC partnered with MPB Primedia to handle its programming. However, the corporate name of the network remained as Associated Broadcasting Company or ABC Development Corporation until 2015.



TV5 logo 2010.svg

On April 4, 2010, TV5 was rebranded as the network itself also launched its Kapatid branding (similar to the Kapamilya and Kapuso branding used by its rivals, ABS-CBN and GMA Network respectively). Its new logo was launched after its acquisition by PLDT's MediaQuest with a red circle with a glow in the top left corner, and the word '''TV''' in the top right above the large-sized numeral 5.


TV5 logo 2013.svg

The logo adopted a 3D version in 2013 and applied it on-air, although the 2010 2D version oftentimes appeared.

On January 23, 2015, the network changed its corporate name to TV5 Network, Inc.

The 5 Network


TV5 (Get It on 5) Logo.svg

TV5 was rebranded to The 5 Network on February 17, 2018, making its logo flat and dropping the word TV.

TV5 (second era)


TV5 Logo (2019).svg

On January 13, 2019, coinciding with the rebrand of AksyonTV to 5 Plus (now known as One Sports), the logo was slightly tweaked, now inverted with a red outline. This style was similar with Kanal 5 in Sweden.

On August 15, 2020, The 5 Network reverted back to its former name, TV5 (while retaining variation of its current numerical 5 logo that introduced in January 2019), as the network announced its partnership with sister company, Cignal TV as TV5's main content provider to handle its programming.

One TV

2020 (unused)

One TV logo.svg

On March 8, 2020, TV5 Network announced that 5 would be rebranded as One TV (adopting from Cignal TV's "One"-branded channels), which was originally scheduled on 13 April 2020. However, because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (and the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine), the network postponed it.

In June 2020 (after Metro Manila was placed in general community quarantine), the network announced that the rebrand would be pushed through on July 20, but on July 4, the network officially cancelled the change because of netizens' adverse reaction to the upcoming rebrand as well as the opinions of the network's loyal viewers and fans. Viewers complained that it would have confused them and potentially diminished viewership. Because of this, the plugs of One TV (both on-air and online) were later pulled out of circulation.

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