1994–1998 2006–2010 2010–2016 2016–present
1994–1998 2006–2010 2010–2016 2016–present

TV6 Sweden (first era)


TV6 logo 1994.png

TV6 Sweden was launched in 1994 as a channel targeted towards women (same in Norway in 1995-1996).

In 1998, TV6 Sweden ceased broadcasting, and was replaced by two timeshifted documentary channels called TV6 Nature World and TV6 Action World, which were originally family entertainment channels.

Later in 2000, TV6 Nature World and TV6 Action World changed their names to Viasat TV6 Nature and Viasat TV6 Action; in 2002, the channels were relaunched as as Viasat Nature and Viasat Action.

Viasat TV6 Sweden


TV6 Viasat.svg

In May 2006, TV6 Sweden was relaunched; its identity was developed in just a few months by English & Pockett, and the idents featured a little robot "with attitude", with the animation for the robot idents being done by The Character Shop.

TV6 Sweden (second era)


TV6 logo 2010.svg

In May 2010, a new set of idents was launched, featuring the channel's logo formed out of basic materials such as wood, metal or foam; at the same time, the word "Viasat" was dropped from the logo.


TV6 logo 2016.svg

In December 2016, the channel replaced its 2010 look in favour of a pink version of the same logo with a set of new idents and also a new typeface with a new theme music and animations.