TV9 Marathi is a Marathi-language news channel covering the western Indian state of Maharashtra. It was launched on 9 January 2009[1] as TV9 Mumbai (named after the capital city of Maharashtra), a Hindi news channel with city-specific news coverage (much like sister channel News9, which was launched on the same day and covers the southern Indian city of Bengaluru, except that News9 was—and is—an English channel while TV9 Mumbai was a Hindi channel).

TV9 Mumbai was converted into a Marathi news channel in 2012 and renamed to TV9 Marathi.

TV9 Mumbai


TV9 Mumbai
TV9 Mumbai logo

Alternative logo.

TV9 Marathi


TV9 Marathi


TV9 Marathi new

New logo has been introduced on 16 March, 2020.


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