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2010-2015 2015-2017 2017-present

TVI Direct


TVI Direct.png

In October 3, 2010, TVI launched a temporary 24/7 channel to broadcast the reality show Secret Story - Casa dos Segredos. At first, it was exclusive to MEO. In April 2013, the channel broadcasted Big Brother VIP. In that year, in September, the channel returned to broascast again Secret Story - Casa dos Segredos 3. In 2014, the channel was available in MEO, NOS and Vodafone TV.

TVI Reality


TVI Reality.png

In October 3, 2015, TVI decides to launch a new channel, dedicated to broadcast in exclusive the reality show A Quinta 24/7. This, time is exclusive to the NOS cable TV provider.


TVI Reality 2017.png

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