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TVMax is a Panamanian television network owned by TVN Media, launched on April 3, 2005. It is the sister network of TVN.


TVMax old logo.png

The original logo consisted of a green rhombus accompanied by the network's name in green and yellow. It was retained for over a decade until its first rebrand in 2016. The network's former slogan was Pura Pasión.

2015 (prototype)

TVMax 2016 prototype logo.png

A potential new logo for TVMax was only shown during the pre-sale of TVN Media for 2016.


TVMax 2016.svg

In May 2016, TVMax unveiled a new look and logo for the first time in eleven years. The logo consists of a rectangular dark grey speech balloon with the network's name inside. The network's current slogan is Full TVMax.

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