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TVN24 is the first news channel in Poland, being launched on August 9, 2001. It is one of the most watched Polish television channels, and the most viewed news channel in the country. It is also the first thematic channel of the commercial television broadcaster TVN Warner Bros. Discovery.


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TVN24 was the first Polish station to report on the topic of terrorist attacks which happened on September 11, 2001. This coverage became a turning point in the history of the television channel, as for a few hours TVN suspended the broadcast of its program and instead shared TVN24's program. For the first time ever, TVN24 reached such a large audience.

In 2007, the internet website tvn24.pl was created, showing reports and short videos as well as detailed information about events in Poland and abroad, business markets, weather forecast or sports. It complements and expands the offer of TVN24 and allows for greater interaction with the viewers.

As a part of the portal, there is an official website of the "Fakty" newscast program that airs on the main channel TVN and TVN24 BiS.

The portal together with TVN24 launched the Kontakt TVN24 platform, based on the idea of citizen journalism in February of 2008. With its help, through a special e-mail address, viewers and internet users could provide the editors of TVN24 with their own information. The most interesting reports went to the website and on the television broadcast.

The platform changed its name to Kontakt24 2 years after the launch.

On November 30 2012, a high-definition version of the station was launched. From July 1, 2019, the channel no longer broadcasts in SD, which makes TVN24 only available in HD.

The channel is very often criticized by Law and Justice politicians and conservative journalists and publicists, who accuse the station of bias, manipulation and favoring politicians and activists of the Civic Platform.

In 2021, protests burst out in Poland and Germany, because the Law and Justice politician party wanted to change some parts of the broadcasting and television law: the broadcasting licence could only be granted to television stations in which the share of foreign capital does not exceed 49 percent.

It directly hit the TVN24 television station and its sister channels, in which Discovery, Inc. (an American Company) had a 100 percent stake. Many believe the ruling party wanted to get rid of TVN, because the channels don't show them in the good light.

The amendment to the law is widely known as "Lex TVN".