This article is about the Polish TV channel originally launched as RTL7. For the operational channel in the Netherlands, see RTL 7.
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1996–2000 2000–2002 2002–2008 2008–2014 2014–present
1996–2000 2000–2002 2002–2008 2008–2014 2014–present

TVN7 is the secondary entertainment channel of Polish commercial TV broadcaster TVN Discovery Polska, complementing TVN and TTV. It was launched in 1996 as RTL7 by the RTL Group, then acquired by Grupa ITI (the original parent company of TVN, before its acquisition by Discovery) in 2002 and renamed to TVN Siedem (TVN Seven). It was finally renamed to TVN7 in 2008, though it is commonly called Siódemka (The Seventh).



RTL7 Poland.svg

RTL7 (named similarly as the Dutch TV channel launched in 2005) was launched on 7 December 1996 by the then–CLT-UFA. Its first identity was created by Novocom.


RTL7 (2000).svg

TVN Siedem


TVN Siedem.svg

After a few years of problems, the channel was sold to Grupa ITI. It was renamed TVN Siedem on 1 March 2002 and unveiled a new logo and graphics package, two days before TVN also introduced a new look.



TVN7 logo 2008.svg

The channel was relaunched in 2008 as TVN7 with a new look created by the Munich-based agency Velvet mediendesign, which had also redesigned the graphics of TVN earlier that year, and previously in 2002. This redesign introduced the channel’s signature purple colour, with ITC Avant-Garde as the on-screen font.



On 1 September 2014, exactly a year after TVN’s September 2013 rebrand, TVN7 introduced its current logo and graphics package. The new artistic, cinematic look was designed by another German agency, Luxlotusliner, which was responsible for the rebranding of TVN, as well as iTVN Extra and TTV (both in February 2015). The well-known Gotham font is used in on-air typography.


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