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Televisora Nacional (TVN) is a Panamanian television network, founded on April 23, 1962 and is owned by TVN Media (who also operates with TVMax). The company also has its own radio station, which is called TVN Radio 96.5 (formerly Radio Mia, 1962-1989).


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Tvn panama 1992 logo.jpg
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Tvn panama 1993 logo.jpg

Unlike the 1992 and 1994 logos, the two triangles of this logo didn't formed the letter "N" and the full name "TVN" was written inside the square instead of "TV".


TVN 1990.svg


Tvn panama Late90s.jpg

From 1992 to 1999, TVN redesigned a more notable logo consisting of a giant N with the letters "TV" ("TVN" in the 1993 logo) and also two triangles placed outside of a N. From 1994, a well known variant of the logo is the blue one which would retain for six years along with a rounder variant of it until its replacement by the following logo.


TVN (1999).png



The logo consisted of three slanted geometric shapes: a rectangle, a circle and a square and each shape has the network's name.

  • During 1999, this logo first appeared only in idents and promos in tandem with the 1994 logo. It officially became as the main logo starting in 2000.
  • This logo had a few variants, such as a blue circle with the logo inside (which may be a prototype of the then 2006 logo).
  • This logo uses the same font as the Polish TVN logo. (Franklin Gothic Heavy)


TVN (2006).png

In 2006, TVN unveiled a new logo consisting of a blue circle with the network's name inside (similarly resembling the polish TVN logo). This logo would stay for eleven years until 2017 (from 2009 to 2017 as a secondary logo). The former slogan during its era was Es Tuyo, Es Mejor.


Tvn Panama 2009.jpg
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In 2009, the logo became fully 3d with a glossy dark blue texture.


Tvn panama 2010.jpg

In 2010, the logo's texture changed and the logo became slightly flat.



During the finale of the 2013 edition of Dancing With The Stars, TVN unexpectedly unveiled a new look. The logo became similar to the 2009 logo but with a slightly changed texture and brighter colors.


TVN-2 logo 2017.png
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In February 2017, TVN unveiled a slightly modified version of the 2006 logo launching a new campaign entitled Vívelo (which has been the network's current slogan since 2016). This logo does not only appear in blue but now appears in many other colors during idents and promos.