TVN Gra was an interactive games channel that launched in 2005 as part of the TVN network franchise, owned by Grupa ITI (back when the channel started, the group was still the owner of TVN).

It was launched on October 3, 2005 on a special occasion for the company (TVNs 8th birthday).



TVN Gra primarily aired interactive game shows. The cost of establishing TVN Gra amounted to approximately 5-6 million PLN, and the investment was supposed to pay off after about two years. It was FTA on the Hot Bird satellite.

Unfortunately, the channel didn't reach that goal and closed down on 31 May 2008 due to low viewership. It has survived only two years on the television market.

The channel frequencies were taken by Mango 24 (also a channel from the ITI Group) on the satellite, but since Mango 24 already had a slot on the satellite, it stopped airing on the new frequencies after 3 months of broadcasting.