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2004–2011 2011–2014 2014–2023 2023–present
2004–2011 2011–2014 2014–2023 2023–present

TVN Style is a polish lifestyle channel, launched in 2004, on the 1st August. It is one of the first lifestyle channels launched in Poland. It is accessed by satelite and terrestrial television (with a small fee). It is owned by TVN Warner Bros. Discovery.



TVN Style

For the first year of broadcasting, the channel was free to air. The channel's programming offer is based on Polish and foreign productions. It was launched as the fourth thematic channel of TVN.

The first on-air design of the idents shared similarities with TVN24. After only a year, the graphic design was changed, but the logo was untouched.


TVN Style 2011

In April 2011, the channel adopted a new logo, enclosing the 2004 logo, now in red, in a gold square. The logo was short lived for TVN standards, as it only lasted 3 years.


TVN Style 2014

On September 1, 2014, the box's color, alongside with the logo was changed to pink.


TVN Style 2023

After almost 9 years, TVN Style changed its graphic design and logo, adding a pink gradient.