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TVOKids.comd.jpg|TVO Logo
TVOKids.comd.jpg|TVO Logo
Tv Kids is a made up channel by Jonah and Kadazja that lots of shows on tv or were on tv and some made up shows
List of made up shows
Jonah and Kadazja Show 2013-present
Scout and Violet Show 2013-present 
Thomas and Train train track fun 2013-2014
The Rhino Show 2014
The Truck show 2014 
Mike the Knight 2 2014-2015
Bubble Guppies Tunes 2014- none 2015 1 so far 2016
The Garfield show 2014-2015
Garfield 2015-present
Garfield Tunes 2015-present
Garfield Street 2015
Garfield Kart
Potato and Friends 2015 
Story Time 2015-present
The Charlie Brown show 2016-present
Secret life of toys (the new series) 2016-present
Sesame Street (Jonah's Series) 2016-present
Guppy Toons 2016TBA 
Garfield Toons 2016TBA
SpongeBob 2016TBA
Bathroom Compilation 2016TBA A whole bunch of shows having my original bathroom episodes into one big compilation
[[Category:Children's television blocks]]
[[Category:Children's television blocks]]

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