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Established in 1988, TV 2 is the largest commercially-funded TV broadcaster in Denmark, though owned by the government; it plays a secondary role to flagship broadcaster DR (much like Germany’s ZDF is to ARD or the British Channel 4 is to BBC). It has used practically the same logo since its inception.

Like its Norwegian namesake, but unlike TV2 in Hungary and other countries, a space is written between ‘TV’ and ‘2’.


TV 2 Denmark 1986.svg

TV 2 Denmark was originally founded on 30 May 1986, and upon its establishment, it had first begun its test transmissions, but it did not start its official broadcasts until 1 October 1988.


TV 2 Denmark original logo.svg

On 1 October 1988 TV 2 Denmark completed its test transmissions and were therefore commencing its official broadcasts. At the same time, it introuduced a new logo which is designed by Finn Hjernøe.


TV 2 Denmark 1994.svg

In January 1994, TV 2 Denmark changed its graphical look by changing the 1988 logo's colour into brown and it gets placed inside a gold italic-retangle. The new logo made its first appearence during TV 2 Denmarks New Year's special.


TV 2 original boxed logo.svg

In the spring of 1998, TV 2 Denmark ended the usage of its golden logo and were eventually started to put the TV 2 Denmark logo inside a pure-red rectangle.


TV 2 Denmark 2000.svg

In early 2000, TV 2 Denmark upgraded its 1998 logo with a modified on-air look that makes the 1998 logo become recoloured into blue.


TV 2 Denmark 2002.svg

In the autumn of 2002, TV 2 Denmark received a final update of its 1998 logo that changes the color into black and along with it, the channel launched the final set of idents that consists of colour signals flashing in various different ways.


TV 2 Denmark.svg

On 30 August 2004, TV 2 Denmark got a new minimalist look and a new logo which shows the symbol itself which is simplified slightly at the same time. However, the logo is similar to its 1998 logo.


TV2 logo 2009.png
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A new look for TV 2 Denmark was launched on 18 September 2009.[3] This time, the logo remained the same, but would now be presented in a red colour and shiny material.


This very short-lived logo was used by TV 2 Denmark for only a short time of 22 months from 1 January 2012 to 4 October 2013.
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On New Years Day 2012, TV 2 Denmark changed the schedule to improve the channels ratings. With this, live in-vision presentation was removed from TV 2 Denmark and was replaced by pre-recorded messages. Eventually, the 2009 graphics were replaced at the same time with a new graphical look which came onto the screen, as well as the channel were receiving a makeover and was relaunched in a new design, thus it got a new schedule and was given a new identity, by having a new look and a new logo which would now feature a darker shade of pure-red colours, while the graphics which were once again changed, they are mostly orange-red where the dark red colors were once again changed into fire-red and light red and they feature a big warmer red coloured TV 2 Denmark logo on the bottom. The background of the pre-recorded messages now included programme listings, except the 2009 idents that were being kept, and additions would be made during the 22 months the graphical package was in use. The idents for the new look were usually shown directly after a programme. Before the pre-recorded messages, some short jingles would be used. They animated differently, but they all ended like this, because TV 2 Denmark adopted the graphics that would show what was on all the TV 2 Denmark channels at the moments. Initially, the style of the promos was unaltered and used the 2009 look. But after a few months, the caption was changed from red into dark red with a little opacity, as seen on the right. These new idents which was developed at TV 2 Design when they were carried on, they had a red "underwater bubble" that would fold up, showing something different from what is was seen in the rest of the picture. The example on the left shown a glamourous lobby, with a street in the "underwater bubble", so the additions were made while the new look and graphics along with the new logo were dark-red and orange-red and was created by the Copenhagen-based design agency Thank You.

With this new logo, the rebrand occured for TV 2 Denmark on the midnight of 1 January 2012 at 8:00 PM, as the channel refreshed its on-air look and renewed its new logo which was a modified version of the 2009 logo that shows the rectangle changing its color from red into a more purer red colour. When the channel launched its new graphic package with an updated version of its 2009 look, it contains some brand new sound effects and a new theme music including a new set of idents showing computer-animated bubbles or some live-action videos showing various people from Denmark, but however, this identity was short-lived for only 22 months from January 2012 to October 2013.


TV 2 logo 2013.svg

On 5 October 2013, TV 2 Denmark discontinued its 2012 rebrand and introduced a new logo that removes the rectangle away and makes the logo remain only with the TV 2 Denmark logo that is now coloured red instead of white. With this new logo, a new look was launched for the channel to coincide with TV 2 Denmark's 25th anniversary. The rectangle was dropped, but the red color was retained, as well as this logo looks similar like the 1988 logo.


TV 2 All that we share.svg

On 20 January 2017, TV 2 Denmark introduced a new tagline: "All that we share".