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===1972-1987 ===
===1972-1987 ===
[[File:Aratu 1973?.png|center|276px]]
[[File:Aratu 10 anos.PNG|center|196px|Special logo used for the 10 years of the channel.]]
Aratu 1973?.png
Aratu 10 anos.PNG
===1987-1995 ([[Rede Manchete|Manchete]])===
===1987-1995 ([[Rede Manchete|Manchete]])===

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TV Aratu (also known as SBT Bahia), is a television channel with headquarters in Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia.

TV Aratu (first era) Edit

1969-1972 (Rede Globo)Edit

Aratu 1969

TV Aratu was launched in 1969 as a Rede Globo affiliate.

1972-1987 Edit

1987-1995 (Manchete)Edit

TV Aratu 1987

CNT Aratu Edit

1995-1997 (CNT)Edit

CNT Aratu 1995

TV Aratu changed affiliation again from Manchete to CNT, becoming as so CNT Aratu.

TV Aratu (second era) Edit

1997-2008 (SBT)Edit


TV Aratu 2000s

Once again, in 1997 Aratu changed affiliation from CNT to SBT and also reverted to its original name.


TV Aratu 2004


TV Aratu



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