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1959–1960 1960–1977 1977–2003 1977–1996 (primary), 1996–2001 (secondary) 1996–2003 2003–present
1959–1960 1960–1977 1977–2003 1977–1996 (primary), 1996–2001 (secondary) 1996–2003 2003–present

TV Asahi (Japanese: テレビ朝日), shortly known as テレ朝 i.e. Tele Asa, and its acronym EX since 2003, is a Japanese commercial television station serving the Kantō region, broadcasting on virtual channel 5 and UHF digital channel 24 with the call sign JOEX-DTV. The station is owned by TV Asahi Corporation, a subsidiary of TV Asahi Holdings Corporation since 2014.

TV Asahi's studios and offices are located in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo and is also the flagship station of the All-Nippon News Network, consisting of 25 local affiliates around Japan. Its main competitors are the NHK, Nippon Television, TBS Television, TV Tokyo and Fuji Television.

Nihon Educational Television (NET)[]


NET Japan
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

TV Asahi was founded on November 1, 1957 as Nihon Educational Television (NET) by investors including ABC (United States) and Toei Company. NET signed on the air on February 1, 1959 as an educational station broadcasting on analog channel 10 with the station's original call sign (JOEX-TV) lasting until July 24, 2011. The first logo was a concave figure as a lighting bolt, with the initial letters.

NET Television[]



On December 10, 1960, NET introduced a station name, NET Television. On November 1, 1973, NET was transitioned into a general entertainment station. The logo consists of the number ten & the station's name enclosed within a black rounded rectangle, similar to that of contemporary television screens.

TV Asahi[]


TV Asahi 1977 wordmark
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Univers
Launched:  April 1, 1977

On April 1, 1977, two years after ABC switched its affiliation to ANN, NET changed its company name to Asahi National Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (ANB) and its station name to TV Asahi.

1977–1996 (primary), 1996–2001 (secondary)[]

TV Asahi 1977
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Univers
Launched:  April 1, 1977

Following a major revamp, TV Asahi introduced a new logo: an origami number ten, consisting of the number one as a stick, and the number zero as a rhombus. Each number has two colours, green on the left and orange to the right; and as for the wordmark, it was orange to match the former's color. Following the introduction of the "Network Symbol" in 1996, the channel 10 symbol was used for miscellaneous purposes and on the sign-on/sign-off ident until 2001.


TV Asahi 1996
Designer:  Tim Girvin
Typography:  Futura
Launched:  October 1, 1996

On October 1, 1996, following the sign-on of ANN's last affiliate Iwate Asahi Television, the "Network Symbol" logo, designed by American designer Tim Girvin, was introduced for TV Asahi's television network and its affiliates, lasting for seven years. The logo consists of five rectangles forming a pinwheel-like symbol in different colours - red, orange, sky blue, navy blue and green - with the circular shadow in yellow and the 1977 wordmark being carried over.


TVAsahi 2003
Designer:  Tomato
Typography:  Akzidenz Grotesk
Launched:  Unknown

On October 1, 2003, after moving to a new headquarters located in Roppongi Hills, ANB was renamed to TV Asahi Corporation, with a new logo being introduced.

This new logo's "Visual Identity", was designed by British design agency Tomato, who also designed Channel 4's 1996 logo. It is a departure from traditional logo designs, and rectangles called "Block" were developed to respond sounds (in a similar technique to BBC Four's 2002 identity). A Block is also used on TV Asahi's print logo, and its layout can be arranged freely. A new site for the logo, powered by Adobe Flash Player, was also launched on August 1, 2004.