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TV Gazeta




The TV Gazeta enters the air and chooses the "Toucan" like its mascot, a representation of the "brazility" of the transmitter. But instead of presenting it literally, it gains an interesting stylization, forming the letter "G".



The first logo of the station receives color as well as its programming.

Rede Gazeta



TV Gazeta gains fame as "Channel 11", and gains a new logo to follow the moment.



Total change in identity! The TV Gazeta consolidates like "Channel 11". But if you think the famous "G" of Gazeta is gone, see the drawing that the letter C does with the number 1!.


Canal 11 (TV Gazeta 1983).svg

TV Gazeta as Current transmission tower, before Globo São Paulo's is 2018 or 2019 Television broadcast tower.

TV Gazeta wins a simpler logo, giving full prominence to the channel number.


TV Gazeta 1984.svg

The TV Gazeta logo gains futuristic aesthetics. The station also focuses on São Paulo, and this is reflected in the logo: the two numbers "1" form, in the center, the map of the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

Gazeta (first era)



With a more simplistic appearance, the station only signs the name "Gazeta" - recalling the aesthetics of 1984 - and adopts an extra-bold geometric typography, similar to the printed newspaper "A Gazeta".



Created by Fernando Cerqueira Lemos in 1978, the art of the facade of the building also becomes the logo of the São Paulo radio station. It represents the three Gazetas: the TV, the Radio, and Sports club.

TV Gazeta OM/OM TV Gazeta/TV Gazeta CNT


TV Gazeta 1988.svg

The new TV Gazeta logo features three colored rings. They represent the circular points that make up the analog TV picture. But the colors chosen are actually the basis of the color print: cyan, magenta, yellow and black, a direct reference to the origins of the station.

CNT Gazeta


Cnt gazeta 1995.png

TV Gazeta and CNT are signing a content partnership, signing the name "CNT / Gazeta". The new logo is a variation of the original network from Curitiba.

Rede Gazeta/TV Gazeta (second era)



With the end of the partnership between Gazeta and CNT, the São Paulo broadcaster resigns only its name. The "G" returns to gain prominence, and gains symbol status.


Gazeta logo.png

The "G" was slightly changed. In 2010, Gazeta is 40th years anniversary, for Gazeta special programmation. This is number 40 with Gazeta name for "Gazeta 40 anos". 

2014-2024, 2025

TV Gazeta.svg

The TV Gazeta undergoes a general repagination of identity, positioning and brand: the new logo has an aesthetic pattern in flat design, with the colors orange and gray. Lighter visually, the programming also undergoes adjustments and has a greater focus in São Paulo. The "G" symbol, hitherto shown in perspective, now appears in the front view.. In 2015, the "G" and number 45 for 45th years anniversary are "Gazeta - G 45 anos". In 2020, the "G" and number 50 for 50th years anniversary are " Gazeta - G 50 Anos 1970-2020". In March, TV Gazeta is new interprogramm vinheta for Sao Paulo and outher. In 2024 or 2025, TV Gazeta is 55th years anniversary.

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