TV JOJ is the flagship TV channel of Televízia JOJ, one of the two major commercial TV broadcasters in Slovakia. It is owned by the Slovak investment group J&T. The channel was launched in 2002; Televízia JOJ has since launched several other thematic TV channels in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Its primary competitor is TV Markíza, which is owned by Central European Media Enterprises, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia (pending sale to PPF Group).


TV Joj 2002


TV Joj 2007

A new logo was introduced in early 2007, placing the spiral within a red square.


TV Joj 2007-15

The 2007 logo was slightly modified after a few months, with the wordmark being changed.

  • Details of the graphics packages from 2009 and 2011


TV JOJ 2D Logo

A new graphics package was introduced on 23 September 2012, in preparation of the channel’s HD feed being launched in 2012. The graphics consisted of paper-like elements that folded vertically across the screen. The slogan was Viditeľne tvoja (Visibly yours).


TV JOJ 2015

A new logo was introduced on 5 October 2015 along with a new graphics package that builds on the spiral shape of the logo. The Panton font is used in on-screen typography.

The slogan is now Zážitok vidieť (Experience to see).

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