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1995 (pre-launch) 1996–2000 2000–2009 2009–2012 2012–2015 2015–present
1995 (pre-launch) 1996–2000 2000–2009 2009–2012 2012–2015 2015–present

Nick at Nite's TV Land[]

1995 (pre-launch)[]

Nick at Nite's TV Land logo

Before TV Land launched on April 28, 1996, this logo was only used in its marketing to cable networks cable operators and advertisers and in on air promos.

TV Land[]


TV Land 1996

TV Land launched at 8:00 pm Eastern Time on April 29, 1996. The "Nick at Nite's" prefix which accompanied it in full-time usage continued until November 30, 1997, and was used sparingly thereafter.


TV Land 2001

In late 2000, the network introduced a streamlined logo, which traded the uneven-ness of the original design for a more rigid form, and restricted the wedge serif type to the "TV" and the sans serif type to the "LAND" in the logo.


TV Land 2009

On November 23, 2009, the network changed its logo to a more simplified form, keeping the double-trapezoidal outline, but removing the outlines around each letter and simplifying the fonts, with the "TV" letters rendered in Clarendon. TV Land also gained a slogan, "Laugh more", in December 2011.


TV Land 2012
Designer:  Trollbäck & Company
Typography:  Fute PL Demi (modified)
Launched:  May 9, 2012

On May 9, 2012, TV Land overhauled its logo for the first time. The new logo incorporates titled positive and normal-angled negative space versions of the retro TV screen logo that had been used since the network's launch while utilizing a modified version of the "Fute PL Demi" typeface. This change was made in order to "acknowledge the network's roots" but reflect how the network is also broadcasting original series.


TV Land 2015
Designer:  Loyalkaspar
Typography:  Helvetica Condensed Bold Italic
Launched:  June 23, 2015

In May 2015, TV Land began to transition away from the original double trapezoid imaging it had on its logo since it first launched, when the new Sutton Foster series Younger was launched without either traditional TV Land branding or advertising, choosing instead to go with a different imaging campaign to the point that "TV Land" was merely shown in regular text on-screen during the series to differentiate it from the rest of the network's schedule. The network officially announced the introduction of the rebranding on June 23, 2015. Loyalkaspar and Roger was behind the new look.

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