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[[Category:Nick at Nite]]
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[[Category:Kids and Family television networks in the United States]]

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TV Land 1999 TV Land brown 2009–2012 TV Land 2012 TV Land 2015
1996–2001 2001–2009 2009–2012 2012–2015 2015–present


TV Land 1999


TV Land brown



TV Land 2012

On May 9, 2012, TV Land overhauled its logo for the first time after having had only minor updates to its logo for the first 16 years of its existence; the new logo incorporates titled positive and normal-angled negative space versions of the retro TV screen logo used since its launch but utilizing a modified version of the "Fute PL Demi" typeface for the channel name (with "TV" rendered in bold upper-case letters and "land" rendered in thinner lower-case) in order to "acknowledge the network's roots but reflects that the network is also programming original series". This logo is still being used under the "TV Land Classic" program block.


TV Land 2015

Around May 2015, TV Land quietly introduced a new logo once more. This time the logo completely removes the retro square-shape it had on it since it first launched. The new logo became official on June 23, 2015. It is designed by Loyalkaspar.

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