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OK3 (1990-1993) ČT 3 (1993-1994) Nova logo 1994 Nova 1996 TV Nova 2004 Nova 2017
1990-1993 1993-1994 1994-1996 1996–2004 2004–2017 2017–present
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TV Nova is the biggest commercial TV channel in the Czech Republic and the flagship channel of the Czech division of Central European Media Enterprises, a European subsidiary of WarnerMedia (pending sale to PPF Group) that also operates in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia. It has six sister channels and a special feed, Nova International, that airs in Slovakia.

TV Nova primarily competes with the FTV Prima group, as well as TV Barrandov.



OK3 (1990-1993)



ČT 3 (1993-1994)



Nova logo 1994


Nova 1996


TV Nova 2004


Nova 2017

TV Nova introduced a new graphics package in 2015, featuring a spinning Möbius-strip-like element and a custom typeface called Organica. However, the existing logo was retained.

On 4 February 2017, the other Nova channels were rebranded and introduced this graphics package, but in different colours; moreover, all Nova channels, including the flagship TV Nova (as well as Nova International, which airs in Slovakia), introduced a new logo system, consisting of the name of the channel in a coloured rectangle and a modified Nova wordmark. The three channels that were not Nova-branded (TV Smíchov, TV Fanda and TV Telka) were rebranded to Nova 2, Nova Action and Nova Gold, respectively.

Romanian sister channel Pro TV implemented a similar network-wide rebrand on 28 August of that year.

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