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TV Perú Noticias 2013 TV Perú Noticias 2017 TV Perú Noticias 2019
2013-2017 2017-2019 2019-present
TV Perú Noticias is a news channel that takes its name from the homonymous news program, launched on November 3, 2013 as TV Peru 7.3 and is owned by the IRTP.

TV Perú 7.3


TV Perú Noticias 2013
TV Perú Noticias as a television channel was created on November 3, 2013 as TV Perú 7.3 and the first logo is the same as that of TV Perú at that time, with the dark blue bar with the numeral "7.3" in white Roman typography, separated of the IRTP logo of that moment.

TV Noticias 7.3


TV Perú Noticias 2017
Then in April 2017, it was re-launched as TV Noticias 7.3 and the logo consisted of the word "TV NOTICIaS" in a red font similar to Soleil Extrabold with a clock-shaped cut in the "O" and the "a" lowercase with the same height as the capital letters, to the right, a thick black vertical line and to the right of it, the numeral "7.3" in black and in Helvética Condensed Bold typography.

TV Perú Noticias


TV Perú Noticias 2019
On April 22, 2019, with the change of image of TV Perú, it is relaunched as TV Perú Noticias and the logo was the logo of TV Perú itself and to the right, a black or red pastel bar with the word "News" in typography Qanelas Light.
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