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TV TEM (stylized as tv tem) is a regional TV station, operating in the state of São Paulo for cities Sorocaba, Bauru, São José do Rio Preto and Itapetininga. It is affiliated with TV Globo.



Tvtem 2003.png
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TV TEM's famous logo consists of a front-facing camera, where the borders and lenses are metallic and the other parts have a gradient (from bottom to top: red, green and blue). Below is the word TV TEM in Globo's ITC Avant Garde and, as well, below is the word Afiliada Rede Globo. During its launch, only the camera and station name were used in the logo.


Logo tv tem afiliada rede globo - 4k.png
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In 2013, TV TEM updated its logo. The metallic textures were updated to match Rede Globo's 2008 metallic textures.

2019-2021 (primary), 2021-present (secondary)

Tvtem 2019.png
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In 2019, TV TEM updated its logo one more time. This time, the metallic parts were replaced by white textures. Also, the gradient is now narrower and changed its colors to the following (clockwise: Yellow, Red, Purple and Blue). This changes were made to match the style of Rede Globo's current logo used since 2015.


TV Tem 2021.svg

In 2021, the logo turned flat and the interior of the circles were removed completely.

TV Aliança (Sorocaba)
TV Modelo (Bauru)
TV Progresso (São José do Rio Preto)