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JOTX-DTV branded as TV Tokyo (Japanese: テレビ東京) shortly known as Teleto (テレ東), is a flagship of the TXN Network, along with five local affiliates around Japan. It is owned by the second TV Tokyo Corporation, part of the TV Tokyo Holdings Corporation since 2010 owned by Nikkei, Inc. Its studios and offices are located in Roppongi, Minato; one of the major Tokyo television stations, particularly specializing in anime.

Science TV Tokyo Channel 12 (利学テレビ 東京12チャンネルテレビ)


Channel 12 Tokyo (1964).svg

It was founded in 1951, and launched on April 12, 1964 as JOTX-TV (Science TV Tokyo Channel 12 Television). Its first logo was a classic television channel adjustment, signing as number 12 VHF which was an analog TV channel that lasted until July 24, 2011. Its wordmark was a placed next to the adjustment.

Tokyo Channel 12 (東京12チャンネル)


TV Tokyo (1968 Wordmark).svg

On July 1, 1968, the TV production was renamed Tokyo Channel 12 Production Limited. Later, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper decides to buy the TV network, and Channel 12 turn into a private TV channel. As of its wordmark, it was called officially in October 1973 as Tokyo Channel 12.



Its logo as a Tokyo Channel 12 Television was a number 12, aligning the two arranged digits the number one ahead of the number two.


TV Tokyo (1979).svg

Later the number 12 entered the vintage TV screen, and the wordmark was placed underneath the screen.

TV Tokyo (テレビ東京)


TV Tokyo (1981 Wordmark).svg

In 1981 the channel was branded as Television Tokyo, Ltd. or TV Tokyo for short as shown in its wordmark. When Mega TON Network was founded one year later, it expanded throughout Japan with TV Osaka, and TV Aichi in Nagoya later in 1983.


TV Tokyo 1981.svg

Its wordmark along with number 12 with doubled line were green. This is the first variation of the テレビ東京 wordmark styling above, which was used between 1981 and 1985.


TV Tokyo 1985.svg

On December 12, 1985, TV Tokyo modified its logo when its headquarters were moved to Toranomon, located in the Minato ward. This time, the wordmark was red, and the number twelve was Sky Blue with a single line.

1998–present (TV TOKYO)

TV Tokyo logo.svg

On October 1, 1998, TV Tokyo modified its logo, due to controversies related to the 38th episode of the 1st season of Pokémon aired on December 16, 1997, ending the number twelve brand, and its wordmark was replaced to a Latin alphabet to recognize internationally. The fused letters "TV" is red with a letter V reaching to the letter "Y" with a right arm, and the word "TOKYO" is blue with the letter "Y" reaching the space of the name with its stem looking like as a lowercase.

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