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1903–1908 1908–1919 1919–1935 1935–1938
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Clément-Talbot (1903); Talbot (first era since 1904)


Talbot 1903.png
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Talbot was founded in 1903 by Clément Talbot. Its first products were automobiles that were assembled in London. It was originally a French brand, but British carmakers used British and non-French parts. The brand's original name was Clément-Talbot, but it was shortened to just Talbot in 1904.

Talbot London


Talbot 1908.png
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As the production of Talbot vehicles in London is large, the brand was renamed "Talbot London" in 1908.


Talbot 1919.png
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Sunbeam 1935.svg

Talbot became Sunbeam in 1935. It built sophisticated sports sedan versions of the Rootes Group's cars from 1935 to 1954. The brand was bought by the Rootes Brothers in early 1935 and reorganized it so that Talbot could become a brand like the others of the Rootes Group.



Sunbeam-Talbot badge (2919466543).jpg
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In 1938, after a few years of consideration, the Rootes brothers abandoned plans to manufacture large luxury cars under the Sunbeam brand, added the name changed the name to Sunbeam-Talbot and put that new name on cars built in the city of North Kensington.

Talbot (second era)


Talbot 1922.png
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After the financial collapse of Sunbeam Talbot, Antonio Lago, the manager of Suresnes, organized a purchase by the management of the French operation. Antonio Lago created Talbot sports cars and included it in Grand Prix races. Lago continued the Talbot business until 1958 when the factory was defunct.


Talbot 1958.svg

Talbot's sleeping brand was sold to Simca in 1962. Simca was purchased by Chrysler Europe in 1970. PSA Peugeot Citroën acquired the Talbot brand while still inactive when it bought Chrysler in 1978.


Talbot 77.png
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In the PSA Groupe, they started using the Talbot emblem on the old models created by Simca and Chrysler.

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