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Talkback and Thames merged in 2003, the resulting new company was named talkbackTHAMES. The two brands continued to be used separately on most productions until 2005.

Example of an uncommon pre-2005 talkbackTHAMES endcap


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Gill Sans Ultra Bold

In 2005, the two brands ceased to be used independently, thus all productions became made under the talkbackTHAMES name.

Example endcap

In 2012, FremantleMedia split Talkback Thames into four companies, Talkback for comedy, Thames for entertainment, Boundless for factual and Retort for indies.

Talkback (1984-2005)
Thames (1993-2005)
Talkback Thames
Talkback (2012-present)
Thames (2012-present)
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