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2009-2013 2013-2014 2014-2019 2019-present
2009-2013 2013-2014 2014-2019 2019-present

Tarjeta Oh! is the means of payment that Intercorp uses for several of its commercial establishments.


Tarjeta Oh! 2009.svg

The first logo of the credit card is the exclamation "oh!" in Futura Bold font of red color and above the letter "o", the word "tarjeta" with the same typography and color.


Tarjeta Oh! 2013.svg

Then in 2013 it is re-launched as a medium for Plaza Vea, Oechsle and Promart and with it its logo, consisting of the exclamation "oh!" in Hiruko Pro typeface, on the right, the word "tarjeta" and below the first one already mentioned a curve that resembles a smile.



Tarjeta Oh! 2014.svg

In 2014, the logo is reverted to the 2009 version, but with new changes, with the words now in AvantGarde typeface.


Tarjeta Oh! 2019.svg

In 2019, the logo was redesigned, removing the "TARJETA" from the logo, leaving only the name of "oh!" with the same color.

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