Tata Play Binge (previously Tata Sky Binge) is a brand used by Indian satellite TV operator Tata Play (formerly Tata Sky) for its Internet-connected smart set-top boxes supporting various video-on-demand (OTT) services, as well as a subscription service granting access to these services.

Tata Sky Binge


Tata Sky Binge.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Sky Text
Launched:  Unknown

The OTT aggregator service as such was called Tata Sky Binge, and the Android-powered set-top boxes were branded as Tata Sky Binge+.

Tata Play Binge


Tata Play Binge dark.png
Designer:  venturethree
Typography:  Volte (corporate identity)
Launched:  26 January 2022

With the rebrand of Tata Sky to Tata Play on 26 January 2022, Tata Sky Binge followed suit and rebranded to Tata Play Binge.