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Tcell is the largest telecommunications company in Tajikistan, ahead of Babilon Mobile, MegaFon and ZET-Mobile (formerly Beeline).

Tcell was owned by Telia Company until 2017; it completed selling all of its operations outside the Nordic and Baltic countries (except Moldcell) in 2018. Tcell is now owned by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development.

Somoncom (North Tajikistan)


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Indigo (South Tajikistan)


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Indigo (pan-Tajikistan)


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Indigo Somoncom

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Telia Company sold its stake in Tcell in April 2017. However, the purple pebble logo used in Telia Company’s previous logo (as TeliaSonera) remained unchanged for some time.


Tcell 2019.svg

Tcell introduced a new logo in May 2019, retaining the violet colour. Another ex-Telia Company mobile network, Azercell of Azerbaijan, followed suit in June, also retaining the violet colour.

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