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2009 (prototype) 2009–2016 2016–2019 2019–2024 2023–2024 (secondary), 2024–present (primary)
2009 (prototype) 2009–2016 2016–2019 2019–2024 2023–2024 (secondary), 2024–present (primary)


2009 (prototype)[]


When it was first announced, the channel's name was spelled "TEENick" like the TEENick block it was named after. The original "TEENick" spelling was used in concept designs from the "Lifelong Friendship Society" studio.




TeenNick 2009
Designer:  Eric Zim
Loyalkaspar (2009–2012)
Proud Creative
The Armoury (2012–2016)
Typography:  Custom (unofficially nicknamed "Litebulb")
FF Netto
Launched:  September 28, 2009

On September 28, 2009, Nickelodeon launched a new channel that merged the programming of its TEENick and The N brands. Its logo was designed to match Nickelodeon's then-concurrent rebrand. The original on-air identity was created by Loyalkaspar, and was revised in 2012 by Proud Creative and The Armoury.


Designer:  Adolescent
Typography:  FF Netto
VAL Bold
Launched:  September 2016

The word "teen" had its color changed to magenta in September 2016. Several international strands of TeenNick, such as the Vietnamese feed, continue to use this logo as of 2021.


TeenNick 2019
Designer:  Trollbäck & Company
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  January 1, 2019

In the United States, Latin America and Greece, the word "teen" had its color changed to tea rose on January 1, 2019, accompanied by a new graphics package produced by Trollbäck & Company.

2023–2024 (secondary), 2024–present (primary)[]

TeenNick 2023
Designer:  Roger
Typography:  Roc Grotesk
Neue Plak
Launched:  August 15, 2023 (promos)
January 1, 2024

In 2023, to coincide with Nickelodeon's own rebrand, the word "teen" had its color changed again, this time to yellow. Though the new logo has been used intermittently in promos since August 15, 2023[1], and in program guides since November 2023, the channel's bumpers and on-screen bug continued to use the previous logo until January 1, 2024.


TEENick (Block on Nick)
The N (TV Channel)