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2011–2016 2016–2020 2020–present

Nick HD


Nick HD 2009.svg

On June 1 of 2011, Viacom Networks Latin America launched an HD version of the channel Nickelodeon. Since their introduction, the channel had a separate feed from their SD counterpart that was broadcasting to the whole region. In 2015, it launched an HD simulcast feed to the Central American and the remaining of the Northern Hemisphere and another for Brazil. Most of the pay TV operators replaced the separate feed with this new one, and some others kept both feeds.

Nick 2


Nick 2 LA.svg

On August 1, 2016 the separate HD feed was renamed to Nick 2, as a strategy to complete the transition to the HD simulcast broadcasting to all the feeds, including Brazil.



TeenNick 2019.svg

On September 14, 2020, Nick 2 was rebranded as TeenNick, retaining a very similar programming as its predecessor of teenager live-action shows reruns.

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