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The Telecurso is an educational system created by Fundação Roberto Marinho in 1977. It is divided into 2 sections: Ensino Médio (previous 2° Grau) and Ensino Fundamental (previous 1° Grau). It is available via broadcasts on many brazilian TV channels (namely, TV Cultura, TV Brasil, Rede Vida, TV Aparecida and Fundação Roberto Marinho's own Canal Futura) and via Telecurso's own website. The main broadcaster was Rede Globo, from Telecurso's creation until 2014.

Telecurso 2º Grau


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Telecurso 1º Grau


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Telecurso 2000

1995-2008, 2012

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Novo Telecurso


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On November 14th 2014, and for the first time, Rede Globo stopped broadcasting Telecurso, with its programming block being now occupied by news program Hora Um. However, the other TV channels continue broadcasting Telecurso until today.

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https://www.telecurso.org.br/ Telecurso's website (in Portuguese)

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