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LS 84 TV Canal 11, also known as Telefe, is an Argentine open television network that transmits from the city of Martínez, located in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. The chain began broadcasting on March 1, 1990, almost 2 months after Telefe began operating the license for Canal 11 in Buenos Aires throughout Argentina. Since December 2019, it has been owned by ViacomCBS (Viacom originally brought Telefe in 2016 before the re-merger with CBS Corperation).

Dicon TV



Telefe was originally founded in 21 July 1961 as Dicon TV, but the channel did not launch officially. In this logo was a TV Screen outline and the ground with eight lines; On the ground there were a sofa and the chair with four people watching the screen. Behind the ground, there was a text that said "DICON TV", and the Argentine callsign "LS84". Finally, inside the screen there was a number 11 in half, and the word "CANAL" was located across the number.

Teleonce (first era)


Teleonce 1961.svg

The channel was launched as Teleonce on 21 July 1961 as TV station of Buenos Aires. This logo was a acute triangle, and inside of it there was a number 11 on the circle. The wordmark was split in twain saying "TELE ONCE".

Canal 11


Canal 11 Argentina 1962.svg

The channel was changed into Canal 11, and the logo changed either. The logo had a word "CANAL" without of horizontal line of two A's with a number 11.

Teleonce (second era)


Teleonce 1965.svg

Then the name "Teleonce" changed back. The wordmark became together as "TELEONCE", and the number 11 was a thicker corner and narrow ends for each digit of the number.

Once Visión


Oncevisión 1974.svg

The name of the channel was changed for the fourth time as "Oncevisión" for two years.

Teleonce (third era)


Teleonce 1976.svg

Later in 1976, the name "Teleonce" changed back again for three years. The logo consisted the number 11 formed in the letter "N" between "TELEO" and "CE". And bellow the word, there was another number 11.

Canal Once


Canal Once 1979.svg

Then in 1979, the channel changed to "Canal 11", and the Logo was a lowercase wordmark. But instead of N's it was a number 11 in italics.


Canal Once 1982.svg

The 1981 logo was a word "CANAL" in red split in twain, with the two blue vertical rectangles being the N letter.


Canal Once 1983 Logo Remake.png
Logopedia Info.svg

The name became a spell out numbers as "CANAL ONCE" as a neon outlined text, with the O having a cut in its lower left.


Canal Once 1984.svg

The 1984 logo was a red number 11, traspassing their feet in diagonal. And between the number 11, there was a word "canal" on the left, and the callsign with the place of broadcasting area on the right.


Canal Once 1985.svg

The 1985 logo was a number 11 with the word "CANAL ONCE", all in red fill color and the white outline.


Canal Once 1986.svg

The logo consisted in the word "CANAL" as a connected letters between the "C" and "A", all L's and 1's became a vertical parallelogram. The number 11 was placed on the letter "N" as from 1976 to 1982 logos.

July 1989-1990

Canal Once 1989.svg

The final logo before the rebranding to Telefe was a letter yellow "C" and the word "once". The letter "O" was inside of the letter "C".

Telefe (Canal 11)

September 1989-January 1990

Telefe Canal 11.svg

On September 21, 1989, President Carlos Menem had decided to reprivatize Channels 11 and 13 of Buenos Aires. This channel became Televisión Federal, S.A. or shortly known as Telefe, and began using as the 1986 logo before launching as a television network.


March 1-22, 1990

Telefe 1990 1.svg

The first logo as Telefe, consisted of: 'TE', with the 'T' as the ceiling over the 'E', the word 'LE' and 'FE', the 'F' as the ceiling over the 'E'. This logo was created by David Ratto, but was changed due to its resemblance to the ESPN logo. It lasted only 23 days in the air.

March 23, 1990–2000

Telefe 1990 2.svg

On March 23, 1990, the Telefe logo is made by three balls orderly (Blue, Green and Red). For the 1990s logo, the blue sphere has a "TE" syllabus, the green sphere has a "LE" syllabus, and the red sphere has a "FE" syllabus, forming the name "TELEFE" altogether. This was the most used logo of the station for 10 years. Both this logo and its subsequent institutional campaigns were created by the advertising agency David Ratto (today BBDO Worldwide). Later in 1993, The same logo, but this time the name TE, LE and FE are now completely attached to the balls, becoming real.



Telefe 2000.png
Logopedia Info.svg

The three spheres but now with a more real image, and have a transparent and glazed effect with an advanced shadow. In April 2000, the letters inside the spheres were removed.


Telefe (2000-2002).svg

In 2001, the spheres became plastic and have a normal shadow effect. Under the spheres says "telefe" in FF Dax.


Logopedia Info.svg

The logo was renewed with a more modern look, becoming less real and with a little shade. Next to the three spheres, it said "telefe", with its new official typography, Trebuchet MS.

Telefe 2008.png
Logopedia Info.svg
December 2008-2009
Telefe 2009.png

This logo is put on the air due to the 18th anniversary of Telefe. It was on the air until the first months of 2009.

Logopedia Info.svg
Telefe 2010-2011.png
Logopedia Info.svg
January-August 2011
Telefe 2011.png
Logopedia Info.svg

August 2011–2018

Telefe 2011 2.png
Logopedia Info.svg

In 2011, the line was removed becoming a stacked logo between the three spheres and the wordmark. The wordmark as ITC Avant Garde font was moved below the spheres, making similar to the 2001 logo.

2016–2018 (secondary)



Telefe 2018 3D.svg

On November 21, 2018, Telefe unveiled a refreshed version of its iconic three-sphere logo, this time with subtle gradients and the text with the typography changed to Gilroy Bold. All affiliated stations received the new logo on the same month.

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