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Telemundo is a American Spanish-language broadcast television network owned by NBCUniversal through its Telemundo Enterprises division. The network produces and distributes programs in over 100 countries in more 35 languages.



NetSpan Logo.svg

In 1984, WKAQ in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and WSCV in Ft. Lauderdale-Miami-West Palm Beach merged with WNJU in Linden, New Jersey and KSTS in San Jose, California to form NetSpan.




In 1987, NetSpan changed its name to Telemundo, following the merger of WKAQ, WNJU, KSTS, KVEA in Los Angeles and WSCV in Ft. Lauderdale-Miami-West Palm Beach into the Telemundo Group by Reliance Capital Group heads Saul Steinberg and Henry Silverman. Around the same time the company purchased additional stations in San Francisco, Houston and San Antonio. The logo shown above was used as a placeholder for the next logo introduced later the same year. During the time this logo was in use, Telemundo used graphics borrowed from the Brazilian TV network, Rede Globo (now TV Globo).



In late 1987, Telemundo received its first proper logo. It consists of a red circle with the white portion representing the sun while the red portion with the streak of lines represents Earth.



Designer:  Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar
Typography:  Gill Sans
Launched:  Unknown

In 1992, Telemundo underwent an extensive rebranding, introducing the signature framed "T" letter logo (which has been used by the network since that point in various design elements), and a promotional campaign using the slogan "Arriba, Telemundo, Arriba" ("Upwards, Telemundo, Upwards"). The original version of Telemundo's "T" logo was designed in 1992 by Steff Geissbuhler and Chermayeff & Geismar. The "T" contained a globe, which could be swapped for other circular objects. KSTS continued to use this logo alongside the 1997 and 2000 Telemundo logos until 2002.


Telemundo 1997.png
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In 1997, the original version of Telemundo's "T" logo was redesigned; a background was added behind the "T", the font was changed for the "TELEMUNDO" text, and the globe was now a bigger globe, which swapped for circular objects. Again, KSTS continued to use this logo alongside the 2000 Telemundo logo until Early-2002.


Telemundo 2000.svg

Telemundo's new logo launched in 2000 and it introduced an appearance of a new look. The channel name "TELEMUNDO" in uppercase, was retained, the square was removed and the globe is replaced with an arc which similarly represented a globe. In 2001, the American channel NBC purchased Telemundo. Before this announcement, it was rumored that either Viacom, the Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation (later purchased by Univision), The Walt Disney Company, America Online (via AOL Time Warner, later Time Warner, now WarnerMedia), or NBC would purchase Telemundo.



Telemundo 2012.svg
Designer:  Loyalkaspar
Typography:  Interstate
Launched:  May 14, 2012 (reveal)
December 8, 2012 (on-air)

On May 14, 2012, Telemundo announced that it would launch a new branding campaign that would include the debut of a new slogan and on-air identity, including the replacement of its framed "T" logo (a variant of the 1992-era design that had been introduced by the network in 2000), with a new logo featuring two partial red spheres forming the "T", described to "capture the duality of Telemundo’s audience, balancing the strong connection to their Latin roots with their contemporary mindset of living in the U.S." The new logo and graphics package debuted on-air on December 8 of that year.

Telemundo achieved ratings success during 2012, with the telenovela series Rosa Diamante ("Diamond Rose"; a remake of Enrique Torres' Perla Negra) and the Caracol TV-produced Pablo Escobar. That year, Telemundo debuted the "social novela" Secreteando on Facebook, with comments made on other social media websites.


Telemundo 2018.svg
Designer:  Red Bee Media (UK), Lee Hunt
Typography:  Foco
Launched:  April 4, 2018

On April 4, 2018, the logo design and color were slightly amended, and the network name is now in a different font. The logo was designed by Red Bee Media (UK) and Lee Hunt.