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Not to be confused with Telemor, a telecom company in Timor-Leste.









Telenor logo 90s.svg
Designer:  Landor Associates
Typography:  Unknown

Telenor was founded in 1995 when Televerket was turned into a limited company. The logo and identity for the new company were created by Landor Associates in London, who also came up with the name with the Oslo agency Alfa & Omega. The symbol was designed to be 'warm and friendly'. The flash symbol in the logo was inherited from Televerket.


Telenor logo old.svg
Designer:  Scandinavian Design Group
Typography:  Unknown

A modernised logo and identity was introduced in January 2001. Most elements from the former logo were kept, but straightened up. The flash symbol was straightened out into an arch.

The reason behind the redesign were said to be the developments in the telecom industry, most significantly the increased use of the Internet. Scandinavian Design Group were behind the new look.[1][2]


Telenor Logo.svg
Designer:  Wolff Olins
Typography:  Unknown

On 9 February 2006, Telenor introduced a completely new visual profile. It was created by Keshen Teo of Wolff Olins in London. At the same time, the Telenor subsidiaries Sonofon and Cybercity (Denmark), Pannon (Hungary) and ProMonte (Montenegro) adopted Telenor's symbol, retaining their local names for the time being, but they were renamed to Telenor on 18 May 2010.

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