1979 (pre-launch); 1980-1981 1981-1982 1982
1979 (pre-launch); 1980-1981 1981-1982 1982

Teleonce Noticias was the former newscast of the Chilean TV channel Chilevisión, from August 6th 1979 to April 4th 1982, when it was replaced by En directo.

Noticias con Patricio Bañados[]


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Teleonce Noticias debuted on August 6th 1979, replacing Visión Noticiosa, under the name Noticias con Patricio Bañados, referencing its host.

Teleonce Noticias[]

1979 (pre-launch); 1980-1981[]

Teleonce Noticias

On April 21st 1980, Noticias con Patricio Bañados was renamed to Teleonce Noticias, as the channel it was broadcast (the current Chilevisión) changed its name to Teleonce and its frequency from channel 9 to channel 11.


Teleonce noticias 1981


Teleonce noticias 1982
Visión Noticiosa
Teleonce Noticias
En directo (Teleonce)