Telepictures Corporation


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Telepictures Productions




This logo has a white background with a square with a "T" in it (except the left tip of the "T" is separated from the rest of the letter in a little box) quickly changing colors in a blur, from yellow to orange to neon green, before it quickly flips around. When it stops, the "T" square turns black, and small black text appears underneath that says "TELEPICTURES PRODUCTIONS, INC." in spaced-out lettering. Then the separated part of the "T" (which is now on the right side) turns red.



In this version, after the separated part of the "T" turns red, the byline "A TIME WARNER COMPANY" fades in.



The byline is now changed to "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY".




This early version features a white background and a grey circle T. The text "Telepictures Productions" zooms out and places itself on the logo. The byline "A Time Warner Entertainment Company" in all capitals and a line above it fades in below.

1993–2001, 2003–2005


This features a black background, with the Circle T logo coming towards the screen. Along with the flash, the logo appears much closer and with the word "TELEPICTURES" in the center. Another flash (which results in a white bar as if someone turned off a television) brings the logo to a median distance, and under "TELEPICTURES" is "p r o d u c t i o n s" (spaced and in italics). The Time Warner Entertainment byline fades in below.


Telepictures Productions 2001.png

In this version, the animation is the same, but the end product looks different. In this variation, the "Circle T" is zoomed-in much more (almost taking up the whole screen), and the "Telepictures Productions" text seems smaller in proportion than the original. This is done to create a new byline (in about the same position as the old logo) inside the "Circle T" stating the AOL Time Warner byline.


Telepictures Productions 2004.png

The 1993 black background version is used once again, the only difference is that the byline now reads "A Time Warner Company".


Telepictures 2008.png

Another version, which was "enhanced" for HD, features the logo glowing blue with a fresh byline to boot. The word "Productions" now zooms in and spreads into position. The byline reads "A Warner Bros. Entertainment Company".



This version features a brown background with a gold bar zooming out of view as lights move in different directions. The gold bar is rotated, revealing that it is the pieces of the Telepictures logo, with the "T" cut in half (the logo resembles the 1993 version, with amendments made to its design). The parts of the "T" then join to form the whole "T" as the black and white circle fades-in, and the text "TELEPICTURES" rotates and zoom-out (like before it is set in Futura, but here it's a thicker weight). The logo then zooms-out slowly to its usual distance, with the Warner Bros. Entertainment byline fading-in. This logo was updated with the Warner Bros. byline in a serif font.


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