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In 2007, the circle was changed from yellow to blue as a yellow '10' was added to celebrate Teletubbies' 10th anniversary. This original series have been airing from March 31, 1997 to February 16, 2001


Teletubbies 2015.svg

The circle on the bottom was changed to the shape of a window from the Tubbytronic Superdome, making the yellow shape look a bit like the dome itself. Also, the text is fully outlined in pink instead of a pink line traveling around the letters. The logo's colors are also darker and have a little more gradient than the previous logo.

In 2017, the shape of a window from the Tubbytronic Superdome was changed to '20' and added "Celebrating Big Hugs" to celebrate Teletubbies' 20th anniversary. This revival series have been airing since November 9, 2015