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1969–1978 1978–1984 1984–1988 1988–1990 1990 1990–1993
1969–1978 1978–1984 1984–1988 1988–1990 1990 1990–1993
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1993–1996 1996–2004 2004–2016 2016–2020 2020–present

Televisión Nacional de Chile (abbreviated as TVN) is a Chilean public service broadcaster, founded by Presidential order and launched nationwide in 1969. TVN is the only public owned television company in Chile and competes for audiences with other private broadcasting groups, such as Canal 13, Mega, Chilevisión and La Red, having a self-financing scheme.



Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Wordmark similar to Eurostyle or Akzidenz Grotesk modified in cursive
Launched:  September 18, 1969

The first logo of Televisión Nacional de Chile consisted of the word TV in italics (in which the letter N is implied to be read in the union between those letters) and above of the V, the word CHILE, also in italics and a typeface similar to Eurostile or Akzidenz Grotesk. These elements were bordered by a frame shaped in the outline of a bilinear television screen.

On screen, the logo was in black and white (according to the television sets at the time). However, in its first promotional forms, the logo was in color. The screen is the national tricolor and the "TV Chile" logo in black and red.[1] There's also a variant where the "T" is black and the "V" is gray, mainly used on documents. Finally, a variant without the screen was used extensively during the first years[2], as seen on some vehicles and documents.


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Wordmark similar to Eurostyle or Akzidenz Grotesk modified in cursive (logo)


Launched:  February 6, 1978

After the arrival of color television in Chile in 1978, colors on the logo can be noticed: the letter T and the word CHILE were blue and the letter V was red. The logo was framed in a shape that simulates the tricolored outline of a television screen in blue, white and red. The colors used resemble the chilean flag.

Around 1980-1982, the channel bought its own Scanimate machines, the only case of Scanimate machines on South America, and began a campaign called Punto de Encuentro, where some idents showed daily activities of the society back then, like one that showed people on a wood factory[3]. The logo used on those had a metallic look for the letters, which themselves morphed from the Chilean territories (the "T" morphed from the continental territory, the "V" morphed from the Chilean Antarctic and the word "Chile" appeared letter by letter from the continental territory). This logo also appeared on the sign-on and sign-off used back then, as they were directly based on the Punto de Encuentro campaign.


Emblema de Televisión Nacional de Chile (1984-1988).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Helvetica
Launched:  April 1, 1984

In 1984, Televisión Nacional changed its logo to a ribbon-like colored letter N with a tricolor band of colors blue, white and red that doubling in parts form the letter N, referring to "Nacional". Between 1984–1985, the white part of the band didn't exist; instead, it was transparent. During 1985–1988, the word "TVN" (in a bold, outlined typeface) was added below the text, making it the first time that acronym was used. However, this acronym was only used as a secondary enhancement, as the channel was still referred to by its official name.

This logo was used as a secondary logo from 1986 until 1988. In 1986, the channel launched Canal 9 TVN Señal 2, its secondary channel that would be replaced by Megavisión in 1990. The Tricolor "N" was used on Canal 9's clock idents from 1987 until 1988, which consisted on the logo and the "TVN" acronym but with the text 2a Señal below and being much larger.


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Helvetica
Launched:  August 1, 1984

The 1978 logo was reused, but with a streamlined design and a different shade of blue, plus a different font for CHILE (which is more condensed). It was used from 1987[4], along with the previous logo (the N logo), until January 1988 when this new logo took its place until 1990 both on screen and in print. Proof of this is the use of the new logo on the screen already during the beginning of the news in 1987[5].

During this time, TVN started using new, CGI graphics on the IDs, which depict the border rotating around the letters (the blue border rotated clockwise, while the red one rotated counterclockwise), replacing the old Scanimate and traditional techniques used before for the channel.


Logopedia InfoWhite.svg SVG NEEDED
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  March 11, 1990

Used from March to November 1990. To commemorate the return of democracy in 1990, TVN slightly changed its logo, replacing the tricolor border with a similarly-shaped, rainbow-colored border to reflect the emblem of the Concertación or the Concertacion de Partidos por la Democracia (Coalition of Parties for Democracy in English), a coalition of political parties that won the 1989 elections.



Televisión Nacional de Chile (1990).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  November 23, 1990

In this logo, which debuted on November 23rd 1990, the word CHILE was replaced by a tri-color band with the same colors that represent the country, but the design of the letters T and V was changed, which become thin and white or gray. Also, the outlined television screen disappeared. Occasionally, below the logo, the full name appears in the Arial Narrow Regular typeface.


Televisión Nacional de Chile (1993).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  June 2, 1993

In 1993, the logo was redesigned, the letters T and V became dark gray, and its tricolor band (now bicolor) band becomes thicker.


Televisión Nacional de Chile (1996).svg
Designer:  Procorp
Typography:  Helvetica Black
Launched:  September 1, 1996

A new logo was launched in 1996, this time adding the N (which until then was hidden between the T and V), adopting the name TVN, which was first introduced in 1985 and later teased in 1995 with the campaign "TVN es más". This logo was designed by Chilean agency Procorp[6]. In 2001, a new graphics pack debuted, where the letters are made out of glass and appear on varying landscapes.



Designer:  Raúl Menjíbar (from Lowe Porta)
Typography:  Logo: Custom wordmark
On-air: Helvetica (2004-2015), Proxima Nova (2015-2016)
Launched:  January 4, 2004

On January 4, 2004, TVN changed its logo. The red square, an element that had been present in the graphics of the channel since the mid-nineties, takes center stage and becomes the channel logo. This logo was designed by the Chilean agency Lowe Porta.


TVN Chile 2016.svg
Designer:  Dioslascria
Typography:  Logo: Custom wordmark
On-air: FF Din (2016-2019), Raleway (2019-2020)
Launched:  August 9, 2016

On August 9, 2016, TVN redesigned its 2004 logo, with the corners rounded except for the top left corner. This rebranding was made by the Chilean agency Dioslascria[7].


Designer:  Contenedor
Feels (on-air)
Typography:  Logo: Custom wordmark
On-air: BW Modelica (2020-present)
Launched:  October 1, 2020

On October 1, 2020, Televisión Nacional de Chile changed its logo, dropping the box used since 2004, leaving only the letters of the channel's logo. The new visual identity was designed by Chilean agency Contenedor, and was visible that day since 7:00 AM (which is when the channel usually signs-on). New graphics were created as well, with white lines being the main element used in them.

“Television is a fast-changing industry, and TVN has always been laureated for its innovative ideas connecting with people. This new purpose and brand modernization is part of our role as a public channel of being a conductive thread representing what we all have in common in this country”
Francisco Guijón, Executive Director of TVN (October 2020)

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