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Televisión Nacional 1969 (logo verdadero) Televisión Nacional 1978 (logo verdadero) Televisión Nacional 1984 (logo verdadero) Televisión Nacional 1986 (logo verdadero) TVN1990oficial1
1969-1978 1978-1984 1984-1986 1986-1990 1990
Tvn1990oficial2 Televisión Nacional 1993 (logo verdadero) Tvn1996oficial TVN Chile 2004 TVN Chile 2016
1990-1993 1993-1996 1996-2004 2004–2016 2016–present



Televisión Nacional 1969 (logo verdadero)

The first logo of Televisión Nacional de Chile consisted of the word TV in italics (in which the letter N is implied to be read in the union between those letters) and above of the V, the word CHILE, also in italics and a typeface similar to Eurostile or Akzidenz Grotesk. These elements were bordered by a frame shaped in the outline of a bilinear television screen. This logo was in black and white (according to the television sets of the time), although in some documents of the time the T was black and V was gray.


Televisión Nacional 1978 (logo verdadero)

After the arrival of color television in Chile in 1978, colors on the logo can be noticed: the letter T and the word CHILE were blue and the letter V was red. The logo was framed in a shape that simulates the tricolored outline of a television screen in blue, white and red (which are the colors of the national flag of Chile).


Televisión Nacional 1984 (logo verdadero)

In 1984, Televisión Nacional changed its logo to a ribbon-like colored letter N with a tricolor band of colors blue, white and red that doubling in parts form the letter N, referring to "Nacional".


TVN Chile1984

During 1984 and part of 1985 the logo would accompany the name Televisión Nacional de Chile in Helvetica.


TVN Chile1985

For 1985 the logo would be kept, but the motto was replaced with TVN, being the first time that name was used as part of the channel's logo.



Televisión Nacional 1986 (logo verdadero)

The 1978 logo was reused, but in a new version and a different shade of blue, plus a different font for CHILE.



Used from March to November 1990. To commemorate the return of democracy in 1990, TVN slightly changed its logo, replacing the tricolor border with a similarly-shaped, rainbow-colored border to reflect the emblem of the Concertacion de Partidos por la Democracia, the party that won the 1988 elections.




In this logo, the word CHILE was replaced by a tri-color band with the same colors that represent the country, but the design of the letters T and V was changed, which become thin and white or gray. Also, the outlined television screen disappeared.


Televisión Nacional 1993 (logo verdadero)

In 1993, the logo was redesigned, the letters T and V became dark gray, and its tricolor band (now bicolor) band becomes thicker.



The previous logo underwent a change: the letter N was added, the bicolor band extended until that letter, and the letter T appeared this time composed of two parts: the horizontal part matched to the height of the tricolor band, but in that band, the blue and red stripes become thicker and the white strip disappears. This logo was designed by BBDO Chile.



TVN Chile 2004

On Sunday, January 4, 2004, TVN changed logo, which consists of a red square containing the letters TVn in white, the letters T and V appear in capital letters, formed like a ligature and with round tips, and the letter n in a typeface similar to the Segoe UI, the latter enlarged in such a way that it is the same size as the capital letters. This logo was designed by the chilean agency Lowe Porta.


TVN Chile 2016

On August 9, 2016 TVN redesigned its 2004 logo, with the corners rounded except for the top left corner. This rebranding was made by the Chilean agency Dios las cría.

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