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LS 82 TV Canal 7, also known as Televisión Pública, is the public television channel of Argentina created on October 17, 1951 and is owned by Radio y Televisión Argentina Sociedad del Estado, in turn, controlled by Secretaría de Medios y Comunicación Pública.

LR3 Radio Belgrano Televisión




Channel 7 of Argentina began, as already mentioned, on October 17, 1951 as LR3 Radio Belgrano TV and the first logo of the station was a television undercarriage of the time, in the rooms of the wheel the full name from the station and in the middle of them, the number 7 on a black circle.



In 1953, a slight modification was made to the logo, the letters are now white with black edges, the edge of the wheel is a darker gray and the circle with the 7 appears surrounded by rings of black and white tones.



In 1955, the logo was modified slightly, with the typography changed, with a resemblance to a real wheel and the words "CANAL SIETE" and "STANDARD ELECTRIC" are added.



In 1959, with the definitive nationalization of channel 7, the channel image was changed. The logo resembles a compass containing the letters "CANAL" and "TV" and a seven with a black circle with a white border with needles.

Canal 7 (first era)



In 1961, the channel was renamed Canal 7 and the logo was the words "CANAL" and a "7" in gray Romans, all in 3D.



In 1962, the logo was modified, this time, with a "7" in the Roman typography and in 2D and to the left of the number, squares appear flowing in this and in one of them, the technical name of the channel appears.



In 1964, the logo was modified to a screen with triangles that form a "7" and above, the words "CANAL" and "Buenos Aires" on the sides.



In 1965, the logo was changed to a text saying "canal siete" (with "siete" in the caricatured Roman typography) and below, the slogan of that moment.



In 1966, the logo changed to that of the letters "LS 82 TV CANAL" in black with the first two words bordered, on the right, a number "7" in Roman typography and on the right, the cartoon of the face of a smiling sorcerer.



In 1967, the logo of a white screen with black borders was used, inside, a "7" formed by lines and on the sides, the letters "canal" and the phrase "y su red de repetidoras argentinas".



In 1970, the logo now changed to ten horizontal lines and above, the name "canal 7" in Helvetica Black typography.

Televisión Argentina Canal 7



In 1972, prior to the transition to color television, the logo was now the word "canal" in Helvetica Bold typography, on the right, a number "7" with square Roman typography and in the lower left, the word "BUENOS AIRES".



In 1973, the channel name was modified to "CANAL 7" formed by dots and below, the slogan "SU COMPAÑERO".



In the 1974, the last logo of the then called Canal 7 was a "7" beveled by lines, above, the name "LS82TVCANAL7" and below, the name "TELEVISION ARGENTINA".

Argentina 78 Televisora/Centro de Producción a Colores Buenos Aires (A78TV)

June–July 1978


This logo was used in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.

Canal 7 (second era)

July 1978–1979


This logo was used from July 1978 to early 1979 as a transition logo between the name of Channel 7 and the name of ATC. This logo was a "7" formed by mirror-like lines, above and in 3D, the word "channel" and in the lower right, the phrase "LS 82 TV, Buenos Aires, Argentina".

ATC (Argentina Televisora Color) (first era)


ATC Canal 7 1979.svg

On May 3, 1979, the channel was renamed Argentina Televisora Color, also known by its acronym "ATC", one of its many best known and remembered names. The logo was the letters "ATC" joined with a circle inside the "C", which resembles an eye, divided into dark green, dark purple, light purple, red, orange and yellow lines.


ATC Canal 7 1984.svg

In 1985, the logo was changed to have a more futuristic appearance. The outline and appearance of the letters are now round and the color of the dark green line is bluish green, the purple line becomes light blue, and the light purple line becomes normal purple.


ATC Canal 7 1987.svg

In this logo, the design of 1979 is resumed, but now it has diagonal cuts in the letters and the colored lines are now also diagonal and the bars are now semi-dark yellow, semi-light orange, dark red, fuchsia, dark blue, light green and teal.


February–July 1996


In February 1996, the channel changed its name and logo to ATeCE (stylized phonetic reading letter-by-letter of ATC), with the colors of the flag of Argentina. This short-lived logo was designed by Orestes LuceroClarín.

ATC (Argentina Televisora Color) (second era)


ATC Canal 7 1987.svg

In July 1996, after the poor reception of the rebranding to ATeCE, the channel reverted to the 1987 logo.



In 1998, the logo is now together and with a gradient of yellow, red, blue and green.

January–April 2000

From January 1 to April 30, 2000, in the middle of the restructuring of the channel, two logos were used, one with the name "Argentina Televisora Color" in Gill Sans typography and another with the word "ARGENTINA TELEVISORA COLOR" in Futura Condensed typography with a couple of thick lines surrounded on a background black.

Canal 7 (third and last era)


Canal 7 Argentina 2000.svg

On May 1, 2000, the channel took the name of Canal 7 Argentina and the new logo was an oval of blue colors with a white "7" in the form of a boomerang and below, the word "argentina" in blue.


LS82 TV7 (2002).svg

In March 2002, the logo was modified to a light blue screen-shaped border with six blue, orange, yellow, red, green and purple screens, and below, the name "canal siete" in black colors and yellow, with the last word in bold. This logo was also used in tandem with the next logo that was introduced later in 2002, until September 2003, when the channel restructuring was completed.


Canal 7 Argentina 2003.svg

From late 2002 to the middle of 2003, the channel used this logo for many of its idents (the others, the previous logo). In September 2003, the channel dropped the previous logo, so this logo became the channel's main logo until 2007. This logo consists of a blue crystal-textured screen with a "7" of blue gradient color, and below, the name "canalsiete, Argentina".

TV Pública




In October 2007, the channel changed its name to TV Pública and the logo was a "7" in red 3D with a pair of antenna waves on the sides and below, the name "tv.pública" in Helvetica typography, the last Bold word.



Between 2008 and 2009, the antenna waves were omitted.


2009–January 2010

TV Pública 2009 (2D).svg

In February 2009, the channel leaves "7" and replaces it with an Argentine cockade of ice blue and white rings and the center of opaque orange. The name of the channel becomes a Fontana SC typeface with rounded edges and a semi-dark gray color and below, the name "CANALSIETE" in light gray color and in Futura Bold typography.

January–June 2010

TV Pública 2009 (3D).svg

In full transition to HD transmissions, the cockade now looks 3D.

June 2010–2014

TV Pública Digital.svg

With the start of HD broadcasts, the channel will have a modified 3D appearance, the name of the channel is now in 3D and below, a black rectangle with a metallic border with the letters "DIGITAL" in yellow-orange and typography in the form of a clock.


TVP Argentina.svg

Once the 2014 World Cup is over, the cockade now has a simplified 3D effect and below, the abbreviation of the channel name, "TVP", in gradient.

Televisión Pública Argentina


Televisión Pública Argentina logo 2016-2020.svg

On April 18, 2016, the channel changed its name to Televisión Pública Argentina and the logo is a new version of the cockade with diagonal divisions that differentiates the brightness and below, the name "TELEVISIÓN PÚBLICA" in Gotham Bold typeface and below, the word "ARGENTINA" in Gotham Light typography.

Televisión Pública

February–December 2020

Televisión Pública 2020.svg

On February 22, 2020, as part of a new restructuring, the logo omitted the word "ARGENTINA" from the name, renaming the channel to simply "Televisión Pública".


Televisión Pública - LS82 C7TV (2021).svg

On January 1, 2021, at midnight, Televisión Pública unveiled a new logo, one light blue ring circle with a yellow circle gathering with a dark blue color. This logo was first used on Argentina Global between 2019 and 2020.

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